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She's stolen my best mate

Hey all, I was kinda hoping you could give me some advice.
I've been mates with my mate rick for about 14 years, and we get on great, according to some people we're like peas in a pod.
Only trouble is, he's recently got himself a gf.
I don't mind this, because I have a gf too and I know how he must be feeling. But the problem is, she has him wrapped round her little finger, I never get to see him anymore, we used to see each other at weekends because he works full time, and if we arranged something my gf understands that friends come first and she wouldn't mind if I went out with him somewhere. But his gf won't let him, I got a message from him the other day when I was supposed to be meetin up with him going like this
Hi ste, linds*** won't let me see you, ill speak to you later in the week or on friday, sorry Rick!

As well as this his gf has effectively told me it is her or me and may the best person win. What shall I do, because I dont want to lose my best mate to some bitch.
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    talk to her in a forceful way, when ur alone. say to her that she isn't gonna steal ur mate away from u, cos friendships are stronger. and as soon as he realises what she's doing to him, he'll dump her. or even better, do it when rick is around as well <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

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