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Abusing your parents

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we hear loads of stuff about child abuse etc, but what about children abusing their parents?

my cousin is 22 she still lives at home and shes a total headcase. she wont let anyone go in her room and she is has obsessive-compulsive disorder really bad she wont touch anything that someone else has touched etc. and everything has to be completely clean. (at least i think its obsessive compulsive disorder) her mum bought her flowers for her birthday, and went into her room to water them and she completely lost it, cornered her and was kicking her mum and pulling her hair out, calling her evil and every name under the sun and my poor aunt thought she was going to throw her down the stairs. she's now afraid to even go upstairs if my cousin is up there. surely that is not right living in your own home in fear of your daughter!

what does everyone think??

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    I think the sooner your cousin gets psychiatric help the better. The girl obviously has some problems and needs help.

    Must be terrible for your aunt and she cant keep putting up with it. Get a doctor in asap.
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    If its obsessive-compulsive disorder that bad, she needs help. And needs the help quickly.

    Good luck for your aunt's sake.

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