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different colleges (universities)

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is there much different in different universities? i've been looking at this one and this one the main differences i see is the cost, the size of the university and the distance from my house. both have decent programs of what i want to go into. so is there alot of difference between a smaller college and a large one? like is the larger, more popular one better, like better profs and stuff?
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    i don't know exactly how the US education system works, but this is my experience of small vs. huge colleges.

    when i started uni, i was at bretton hall, which was a fairly small college for the arts and education out in the middle of nowhere. because it was so small, everyone knew their way around, everyone knew everyone. everything got done, and it got done well, but it was pretty relaxed at the same time. it wasn't the most exciting place in the world to be, but we made our own fun.

    then after a year, the college merged with leeds uni, which is one of the biggest in the UK. and our course got moved up to leeds.

    leeds is big and vast and anonymous and gets swallowed up in bureaucracy and procedure. at leeds you have to fill in 3 forms and speak to 8 people to get anything done, and there are always 3 copies of the forms you filled in. one for the student, one for the records, and one for the fairies who will then proceed to steal the records copy, so when you hand in your work late because you thought you had an extension, you'll find you just lost 35% of your marks. oops.

    when i changed courses i had the strange fortune of moving back to bretton hall, but in its leeds days, it's sad and strange, and the forms fairies found their way there too.

    at leeds there are a million things to see and drink and do, and you know, maybe i'm just getting old, but i still value a place where it's possible to sleep through the night, and the streets aren't entirely paved with vomit.
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