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Your most embarresing sex-related story!!

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Come on, don't be shy! We've all got one (or maybe more) stories to tell, so what's yours?

Mine is:

When I was 17, my GF (also 17) and I used to sit in her bedroom whilst her parents were downstairs. She used to be too embarressed to talk about sex or anything related to it, but she enjoyed writing about it. In turn, I had to reply in writing and we would often write long, descriptive fantasies to each other etc.... You can guess what's coming eh?

I came to her house one day and her mother and father sternly asked me to join them for "a little chat"! Needless to say, I almost died of embarressment when her mother produced a particularly explicit letter written by me, that she had found whilst cleaning her daughters room !!

Horrified and ashamed, I admitted that it was me who wrote it - Not that it was anything dodgy, just very detailed!! I don't think they were able to handle the fact that "their little girl" had sexual feelings!!

Well, needless to say, that kind of ended our relationship, and to this day, I won't go anywhere near her house for fear of seeing her mother or father shaking this letter at me and demanding an explantion!!

Kind of funny now, but back then it was terrifyingly embaressing!

Your turn!!


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