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How does he really feel?

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I'm a bit confused right now. I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 months now, he asked me out and we have a great relationship. It's just when we are at school together he seems completely different and can even be a bit upsetting at times. Last week I tried to hug him and he said 'get off'! Not nastily, in a funny way but I know he meant it. I'm making him sound like a nasty bastard when he isn't at all! When we are anywhere outside of school, no matter who we are with he is so affectionate and perfect and he has even said he loves me which is a bit of a shock. It's only when we are at school that he is different. What's going on??

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    I think he has a different image to protect at school, maybe? Put it this way; you act differently at home than at school, right?


    Because you have different friends, you want to make certain impressions, that sort of thing. I think it might just be the same thing here, and as such, not much to worry about!!!

    Hope it helped.
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    Hey There,
    Now THIS I can relate too =)
    You see I did this to my girlfriend for a while aswell and to tell you the honest truth I had NO IDEA I was doing it until she pointed it out! It was because I am a completely different person at school and (being a guy) I like to keep my 'tough' image and i thought that would be ruined if i was hugging my g/f all the time. I soon came to realise though that images dont mean shit when you have someone gorgeous to hug and thats all thats mattered. Confront him, don't just blurt it out but tell him that you have noticed he is REALLY different at school and around his friends and that even though he might not mean it tell him how much it hurts your feelings when he does it. Like I said he might not know he is even doing it and all he might need 2 stop is to be told about it.
    Good luck and let me know.

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