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Long Distance Relationships??

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The story is, I met this guy on a weekend away. Not exactly your typical holiday romance, I met him in London and I live in Dublin. We spent 2 days together and since I came back we have kept in contact and spent a couple of weekends together, once here, once in London. We just clicked so well and everything would be perfect except for the distance thing. We both have commitments at home and seeing each other is difficult.

I have mixed feeling about where things are going, is it possible for this to work out? It would be different if we had spent more time together and then moved apart but being apart and still getting to know eachother is so difficult. I keep doubting how I feel thinking that its the 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' situation.

Quite a few of my friends seem to think we are sort of moving things too quickly considering we have really only spent about 8 or 9 days together altogether. Have any of U out there experienced anything similar to this?

We are both in our 20's and are sensible and intelligent people but others seem to think I am mad to be getting into a relationship that is so difficult? Am I living in a dream world thinking somthing can actually develop from this??

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    Yeah i had a this thing with this girl over the internet a while ago, it lasted 6months but i called it off because we had never saw eachother...i had feeling for her but then there was night where i would be out with mates and dance with girls and want things to go further but couldn't.

    it was for the best i called things off, but you have met eachother and know alitle about eachother plus your older in your 20's so you could make it work but it would be hard work

    if you believe deep down its worth making it work, go for it....but look at it like this your young...do you really need all this hard work at this age??? i'm sure deep down in your heart you have already made up your mind

    hope all works out for you

    P.s i still miss that girl, why the hell did i let her go??? <IMG SRC="frown.gif" border="0" ALT="icon"> <IMG SRC="frown.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">

    *Kicks himself hard for letting a nice sweet girl go*
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    As a basic answer to your question, yes things can work out, but it won't be easy and you'll often just feel like packing it in.

    I met my guy on the internet, I lived in scotland, he was in the states! We spent 2 years apart before we moved in together in the UK; we had only visited each other three times. We are both in our 20s and although those 2 years were hard, I wouldn't change anything. Things do move fast when you're apart, because all you can do is talk and get to know eachother.

    The moral of the story is, if you both believe it can work and want it to work, then it will and it will be worth the wait. I hope this helps a little.

    We're celebrating our 5 year anniversary next friday and we're planning on getting married in the next year. How's that for a success story?
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    i've always kinda classed my relationship as long distance, but after reading how far apart you guys live from you partners i feel kinda lucky!
    I live about an hours drive from my boyfriend, we're at college and university and work, so it doesnt leave much time to be together. Although i totally love him, sometimes i find the relationship hard, i think that if you dont see your partner that often you have to work at your relationships more. Although i've never argued with my boyfriend in person, cos we always seem to have our disagrements over the phone or the net so when we see each other its pure bliss!

    Just be prepared to work hard at it if you think he's worth it, be optimistic and if you truly want it to work, then hopefully it will. Good Luck
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    Thats a really nice story Biscuit, kind of makes me wish i had stayed with mine gf.

    i wish you the best of luck, nice to hear of happy story, not to many of them around
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    I met my gf in a simlar way, on a holiday in Kavos, we were only together for three days but I knew I didn't want it to be just a holiday romance.
    We live about 4 hrs apart when we're home (Birmingham and nr Brighton) and an hour when at uni (Oxford and Northampton). We see each other every couple of weeks and it is hard sometimes but I'd rather have what we have than be with some one nearby who I didnt feel so strongly for.
    On the upside, because we're not at the same uni we can go out with our mates and not have to worry about what each other would think if we get pissed! Neither of us would ever cheat but we both agree that we tend to have more fun at a club when we just go out with our mates.
    So yeah, good luck with whatever decision you make
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    Thanks for the replies everyone, I know how hard it is but as you guys have told me it is worthwhile working at because he is special and I do want this to work

    P.S Lovely story Biscuit, nice to hear a happy ending once in a while. <IMG SRC="wink.gif" border="0" ALT="icon">
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    I live in Essex and my BF lives over 3 hrs away in Bolton, we've been going out for a year. I want it to work and so does he, we spend months apart and it is so hard, but I would rather he lives far apart from me and loves me than him not being my BF at all.
    We talk a lot on the phone and you can’t really have a good relationship without communication.

    A friend of mines GF lives in a totally different country and they have to spend a year apart so I think that I’ve got it quite good.
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