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English language/combined

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Ok well, I'm at college at the moment studying ASs in English combined, History, Psychology and Sociology. I'm planning to drop Sociology in September, carrying the others on to A2, possibly picking up another AS subject.

I've developed an interest in English language, so I'm thinking of doing that next year, the problem being that I'd be studying A2 English combined at the same time. The college generally doesn't let people study two English courses together, but I've spoken to my English teacher who has advised me to talk to the head of department about it, which I'm going to do.

I just wondered if anyone has had any experience of this sort of thing, and if it would be worth doing?


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    I've done three lit/language courses at the same time. English Lit, Scot Lit and English Language (1st year), kept Scot Lit and Eng Lang going and for my degree will be sitting two outside Scot Lit papers, so it is possible to do it. There is a big difference between lit courses and lang courses (as you've probably noticed) and it might make you decide one is better than t'other (well, I did at least. I now hate lit...) There's also a different set of skills involved. Whereas Eng Lit you can be all fanciful and creative, Eng Lang doesn't really have that, but needs to be based on facts and stuff. (Saying that, doing the medieval lit and language papers can do both). What kind of stuff are you doing/going to be doing in Eng Lang? There are crossovers however, that can help you with each subject, e.g. the language used in poem, etc. Eng Lang is a very various subject, and although I love it, there's stuff I could well be doing without (e.g. Grammar) Hope this helps, and if you need any more help, PM me.
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