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uni problem

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im having problems at my uni, i study at UCL doing chemistry, and i do actually like my course etc,m okay not all of it, but overall i think i picked a good choice...

my problem is that well i hate the social life here! ive joined clubs, spoke to people in my halls/lectures/tutorials etc, and theres noone i actually like! and im constantly missing my college mates to the point i go home at weekends to see them (i live in east london/essex so its close) in my halls theres like 2 people i get on with who i hang out with etc, but we have virtually zero interests in common, so even with them its getting dull and everyone seems to have settled in other than me, so i feel like an outcast

i dont know what to do!? help!!!! im going mad from boredom!!!
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    Chances you arn't going to meet anyone else new in your halls or lectures. If you haven't really got on with anyone in clubs and socities maybe you could consider dropping out and joining new ones.

    London is a massive place so there must be hundreds of people you would get one with there somewhere, you could try getting a part time job somewhere. You are likley to meet new workmates who are also students - and get paid!

    Everyone else may not be as settled in as you think, chances are the people you meet in the first term or two arn't likely to be your friends at the end of your degree - if you just wait a while your likely to have lots of great mates in a year or so.

    If you can't wait that long there are a few other things you can do. Thing about all the people you know, who do you get on best with? Buy them a beer or invite them back for pizza and just get to know them.

    Also just sit in lectures to people who sit alone, if you are in a big group for any of your lectures the chances are there are a few people who are also felling a bit alone - just get talking.

    Alternativly try to start a society for something your really interested in, send round emails and put up posters - the people who reply first will be as into it as you are.

    Lastly remember it takes time to make friends, we've only been at uni just over a term, but the combination of nervousness and alcohol makes it feel like you're really great mates with everyone.

    Sit back and relax - real friendships take time

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    fanks dude :)
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    No problem - let me know how things go.
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