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what dyou think?

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I'll try and keep this as simple as poss.

Over the last couple of weeks my ex and I have been emailing each other, (she made the first effort to get back in touch after hearing i was having a good time with my friends etc, it seemed that she hasnt been having such a good time). I sort of ended the relationship (short, like about 6 weeks although i have know her about a year) before because i felt she was taking me for granted to much and only wanted to see me when it suited her etc and i just didnt know whether i was coming or going. one minute she was into me and the next not etc. Anyway, I was really besotted with her and it was VERY hard for me to say thats enough. I got myself together again fairly quickly and got on with my life, but to be honest it has been so nice to be chatting with her again.

Last Sunday we met at a friends house and she was all over me while i gave her a lift to the shops. We sat in my car for ages chatting and she couldnt really keep her hands off me. Later that night she sent me a text message asking me if i wanted to tour europe with her for 3 or 4 months next spring. We always get on so well together and never fail to have a good laugh I replied saying yes. the next morning she sent me an email basically reiterating how much she wants to go away with me. Then she called me later that night and we chatted for 2 hours on the phone (we live 100 miles apart). We agreed to try a weekend away together camping in a few weeks to see if we could really get on and then decide whether to go for the tour of europe. So basically, she has made all the suggestions and i have agreed. this was on monday night. Anyway, i sent her a couple of mails the next day thinking we would maintain our communication by email but i havent really heard from her since, its now very early friday morning. she did sent a very brief reply on tuesday saying she would speak to me soon. I havent sent her another mail and am still waiting for her to get back in touch with me. For the last couple of weeks she has been mailing me nearly every day.

The thing is, I dont understand why she was constantly mailing me before we agreed to go away but since i agreed, now nothing????? is she on a confidence boosting trip or something, (me saying yes i will go away with her) She really did mess me around before and i feel like it is starting again or is it me being paranoid? should i just relax and wait for her to make contact? i dont want to seem over keen by sending anymore mails. The truth is i was very very keen on her and it has materialized I still am and I truly would love to go away togother, but I am not prepared to be taken advantage of.

What d'you reckon? should i sit back and wait or send her another mail or call her or should i just forget the whole thing? Things are a whole lot easier without her on my mind although she is the only girl i have ever really been totally besotted with.

Any advice would be really greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.


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    hmmm.......decisions decisions..who needs em?! neways, 2 b honest wiv u i dunno wot 2 say 2 u (so wots the point in replyin.lol). if i was u i'd wait a couple more days n if u still don't hear from u give her some sort of ultimatum. just tell her that if she really wanted u she wudn't b messin u around or summat like that. hmmm....i probably havnt helped a it av i?! lol.nvm.
    good luck neways!
    luv Kiz xxx

    i am the emotionless freak who dusnt make sense on a good day
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    Hmm this is a tough one. I think I'd probably wait a few more days then if you still don't hear anything from her 4get the whole thing, and if she does ever get back in touch and she started talking bout the Europe or the weekend away thing just tell her you didn't know what was happening cos she hadn't let you know so you've made other plans. Even tho you really like her it's not worth getting hurt again unless you're really sure she means what she's saying.

    Good luck with it all <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

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    ive sort of been in this situation where you have to decide whether to leave it or carry on with the way it is.

    at the end of the day you have to do wats best for you if you say life was a lot easier without her on your mind then may b its best you leave!

    i know its easier said than done but when u actually do leave it life seems a whole lot easier! hope everything turns out ok in the end!
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    cheers for your advice folks. very much appreciated. now its the weekend and time to get ratatatarased.
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    This may be sharp and nasty but, get rid.
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