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parent probs

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im not sure if this is the right forum to post this in but here goes anyway

me and my mum are always arguing. we have really heated arguments about 2wice a day at the moment, and feel like killing myself sometimes because she makes a big deal out of the smallest things like the other day we argued for an hour over where she wanted me to put things in my room. someimes i grab my head and i dont know why i do THIS but i dig my nails unto my head and i have large marks under my fringe at the moment from where i have torn skin off. i always try to stay out because i know whenever i come in i will end up arguing and it FUCKING SUCKS cos i hate coming home from school to the bitch. recently i have started getting so annoyed that i go to one of my mates who's parents dont give a shit what he does and get pissed out of my fucking head and come in late and that always causes an argument the next morning, and i;m worried that i might become an alcoholic or something and i an barely 15.

how do i stop this fucking bullshit before i really hurt me or her or end up leaving home?



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    hmmmm.....me n my mum argue alot but not that bad. the thing is she is always accusin me of lyin n neva believes me even if i'm tellin the truth. she just dusnt listen. have u got other relatives u cud talk 2? gran'rents/dad/bro/sis....there must b sum1 who cud talk to ur mum n make her realise how the arguments r affecting u. i avnt got ne tips on dealin wiv the stress of it tho cos i need sum tips myself.
    neways, best o' luck 2 ya.
    luv Kiz

    i am the emotionless freak who dusnt make sense on a good day
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    well it sounds that you must be very frustrated but constantly digging your nails in your face and getting pissed every night will most likely make things worse than improve things. I used to have similar arguements with my parents over extremely trivial things, its just part of teenage aggression but perhaps both you and your mum have to learn to give and take more. your mum's obviously going to throw a wobbler when u come home drunk or whatever but she should also realise that you need your own space and you should have some control over your life (such as your room etc). its difficult living under the same roof at that age but just try and be amicable. if it really gets bad you can move out when you are 16. good luck, hope things improve.
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    Maybe you could try just accepting some of the things your mum wants you to do, even if they're not just as you'd want them to be (like where things are in your room, surely it would be easier to do what she says for a peaceful life?) Sure it's your life, but you'll have plenty of time to do things exactly your way after you've moved out. If you show you're willing to give and take a bit more, maybe it would encourage her to do the same.
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