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new years gone really wrong.....

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this post may sound all a bit messed up so ill apologise before i start!

ok i am going out with a guy called jimmy, he lives with his best mate and his gf (lodging for awhile) and i met him through fiona the girl he lives with.

on new years eve we all went out, and jimmy was quite depressed, he was away from his mum and upset about his dad (he died a couple of years ago) and totally pushed me away etc, in the end i just lost all of them. and was crying at 12 <IMG alt="image" SRC="frown.gif" border="0">

anyways i was really pissed and as i was leaving the club i was in the que waiting for my coat and this lad kinda came onto me and i sort of got off with him, and then i turned round and jimmys mate kelly was there. she was quite mad and i thought she was gunna tell jimmy but she didnt.then yesterday i got a text from fiona saying that matthew (Jimmys best mate) new about me and this lad, and he was already to tell him last nite, but didnt.

i spoke to fiona tonite and she said he aint said nething yet but she dont know if he will. i feel like im walking on egg shells and just waiting for matthew to tell jimmy, i cant tell him cos i know we will split up.

another thing fiona now knows that i slept at my x's on new year (nothing happened) and i think she let it slip to matthew. i have no idea wot to do, but reallly dont wanna split with jimmy, i mean all this was 2 months ago why cant matthew just let it lie?



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    Firstly, Joanne, calm down! Don't immediately think the worst and assume you're going to break up about it - after all, you were feeling depressed, perhaps it wasn't sensible, but it was a drunken mistake. The best thing to do probably is to preempt Jimmy's mates and tell him yourself, before they can twist the story. Make it clear to him that it was a one off and you don't want it to spoil the relationship. Good luck
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    wow! things are ok, last nite i went round to his house, and matthew was there, jimmy went upstairs and i said thankyou to matt for not saying anything, i asked if he was going to and he said no.

    and to be honest he found this out on friday and hasnt said nething, so fingers crossed i dont think he will. i mean jimmy will be mad that matt didnt tell him so i think matt will keep stum! and also i have not spoken to my ex in a while and i will not cheat on jimmy again, he is alot older than me but sure does me alot! and dare i say it but maybe.....this time what he doesnt know cant hurt him.

    thanks 4 the replies, let me know wot u think.
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