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I'm thinking about applying for this: this
In brief, at least 6 weeks collecting and analyzing rock samples in East Anglia. It pays £175 a week including self catering accomodation, and there is realistically a minimum term of 6 weeks.

It looks pretty up my street, and as my friend pointed out it should "be a really good experience, probably quite fun, meet interesting people, tide over the boredom of summer and be great for your CV"

The only thing is, its the opposite end of the country and its a long time with no chance of returning until the end. Plus if you combine it with my other fieldwork from Uni it gives me 5 weeks at home between now and this time next year. Which is scarily little.

I know i should apply, and i know its only east anglia, but i'm scared that if (and thats a very big if considering i'm a measly ickle fresher) im accepted i will hate it and lose touch with my friends at home all at once.

So convince me to go!
PS, has anyone done anything similar? views, opinions etc?
yes, i know, im pathetic!
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    Eugh! Geology, have you considered changing course?

    Otherwise, good luck with that.
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    Oooh... can I join you? Looks great! :p

    Nah, don't worry, my summer's already planned! (sort of). But yeah go for it - will be good for the course, will interest you, and looks like it'll be quite social! And you could have fun telling passing dogwalkers loads of technical stuff when they ask what you're doing.

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