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Wot would u do?

One of my really good mates is currently goin out wit this guy, shes been wit him 4 about 6 months now.

She told me in confidence the other day that when he'd been round her house one day he'd checked his mail but hadn't logged out properly.
She of course went online & saw this but she said she saw one email title which caught her eye. It said I THINK U R IN LOVE WIT HER.

It woz from one of his mates Michelle.
So she opened it up thinking it would be about her & instead found out it woz about his best mate Laura!! He had told Michelle he really liked her etc.

Well my mate woz upset & shit but did have the honesty 2 tell her bf that she had read his email. He appriciated her honesty but woz obviously a bit pissed off she had invaded his privacy.

He had the honesty 2 also admit that he did fancy Laura but not as much as my mate & he said that he had always fancied Laura 4 as long as he had known her but that nothing woz ever gonna happen between them etc.

My mate isn't @ all happy that he fancies her but is still wit him coz she says she really likes him no matter who else he likes.

She asked me if she woz doin the rite thing staying wit him. But i've never been in that sort of situation b4! Her bf would NEVER cheat on her! Trust me he is so lovely (i don't fancy him though!) but i dunno if i could be wit sum1 who liked sum1 else as well & had done 4 such a long time!

Wot would u lot do?
I haven't really given my mate ne advice about wot 2 do coz i don't really know!?!

Ne advice/help would be great thanx!
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  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    god i dunno if i could be wit some1 who liked some1 else, infact i know i couldnt.

    if ur mate is happy about going out with this lad then i suppose its ok, but if she is only going out with him cos she thinks she cant find ne1 better then that is BAD!

    in all honesty i dont think ur mate was wrong 4 looking at his mail, i mean she obviously had an inclination there was summot up - and she was right! i would have done exactly the same thing. but i know all my bfs passwords 4 the comp neway!

    i suppose ull just have 2 tell ur mate that if she feels happy about still being with her bf even though she knows he likes laura then thats ok.

    ne ways hope all goes well luv jo-lizzie xxxxx
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    um well i was in the same situation for ages. my ex bf was havin this thing with another girl n it started off like that. emails, texts etc. it was so fuckin obvious he was doin the dirty but y'know, i believed everythin he sed coz im so fcukin gullible. so yeah, i think she shud let it go this time, but if anything else crops up, just let go of him.

    Hope it works out 4 her!

    There's a girl in my mirror
    I wonder who she is
    Sometimes I think I know her
    Sometimes I really wish I did
  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    My mate Charlotte is in a similar situ. Kim a lass we used to work withm introduces Charlotte and Scott and now regrets it and is doing all she can to split them up. Kim goes out for drinks with scott knowing Charlotte hates it....but scott never says no.

    There are alot of other things that he does too that pisses her off, and i think she can do so much better, as she has been hurt before. But i know she wouldn't like me for saying that to her face. So many other people have said it to her, and if i was in that position i wouldn't want to hear it either.

    In these siuations i tend to just leave them to it and make there own mistakes. If she wants to continue seeing this bloke, let her, if it works all well and good, if not the best thing you can do is just to be there for her.

    I know it can be tempting to "air your views" but at the end of the day it is their problem. God that sounds awful. It does depend on how well that person takes the truth whether it be good or bad, but i know my mate don't like it, thats why i leave her to it.
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