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Does anyone know what personality disorder is???

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I have supposedly had an eating disorder for more than 3 yrs and have spent more time than I care to imagine in hospital. I have also suffered from depression and psychosis (dont ask me why they said that cos I don't know).
Now I have found out that they have diagnosed me with personality disorder and I don't really understand what it is (even tho my CPN has explained it to me, I'm stupid and don't really get it). I'm really ashamed of it all.
Can anyone help me out?


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    Barbie, don't be ashamed to have a mental illness. There are so many people who suffer from mental illnesses and there's no reason to be ashamed. Your doctor should have told what your illnesses is and what it is about. If your unsure of anything make sure you ask because it is important to understand what a disorder like yours is (or any mental disorder). It will also help you to get better.

    Those with a personality disorder (not to be confussed with schizophrenia) possess several distinct psychological features including disturbances in self-image, ability to have successful relationships, an appropriat range of emotion, ways of perceiving themselves, others, and the world, and difficulty possessing propor impulse contrl (doing something without thinking about it first.. eg, when someone says "think before you speak").

    These disturbances come together to create a pervasive pattern of behavior and inner experience that is quite different from the norm of the individual's culture and that often tend to be expressed in behaviors that appear more dramatic than what people would consider usual/normal. Therefor, those with a personality disorder often experience conflicts with other people and so on. There are about ten different types of personality disorders that exist as far as I'm aware, which all have various symtpoms.

    You might want to try talking with your parents about it a little more to. PM me if you wanna talk more. :):)

    You may also want to check:

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    Felix Da Housecat has given some really good advice here - and some good links to read more. You sound very confused about what your doctor has told you, and perhaps they haven't explained everything fully. There are other people you can speak to to help clarify your concerns and also to help you emotionally through these issues.

    Try calling SANELINE, which offers practical information, crisis care and emotional support to anybody affected by mental health problems. The service is open from 12 noon until 2am.
    Telephone: 0845 767 8000 Website: www.sane.org.uk

    Mind also have a helpline for users of mental health services, their carers, professionals and the public.
    Telephone: 0207 8020 300

    Above all, like Felix said, you shouldn't be ashamed, or embarrassed to ask more questions - understanding yourself is often the key to moving on.

    Take care
    Hannah Spanner x
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    Did you get told which "personality disorder"?

    Im a (semi) diagnosed Borderline, so Im just curious. Start with Felix's links, especially to the MIND factsheets.

    If youre in the UK you can ask NHS Direct too.
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    I have also been semi diagnosed with a personality disorder.
    I got told that i switch off and become a different person, which is why i get random people coming up to me knowing my name, with me not having a clue who they are.
    But i dnt think i do cos wouldnt i notice like a time lasps or something?
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