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thought some ppl might recognise this

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its a 4 part cartoon, :) abouty one night stands anywho im hostin this myself cause i cant be bothered uploadin to a page :)

heres part 1:
ftp://thesite:[email protected]:21/thl058%5B1%5D.jpg

part 2:
ftp://thesite:[email protected]:21/thl059%5B1%5D.jpg

ftp://thesite:[email protected]:21/thl060%5B1%5D.jpg

ftp://thesite:[email protected]:21/thl051%5B1%5D.jpg

i knwo ive been there before

sorry bout the parts :) blueyonders palyin up and i cant get to my pwp:D :D
if anyone got a webpage i can stick these on thatd want them id be real grateful


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