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Parents !!!!

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Ok forget what i just said in another post.....

Why do parents see fit to make ourlives a living hell sometime I think mine does because she hast had such a great life herself and the only way she can deal with it is to take it out on me and my little brother but damn shes a fucking bitch sometimes ( sorry for the language) but uts true i could do something good something really realyl great and its still oh but you still have this flaw and that flaw it really pisses me off and more so upsets me that my mum acts the way shes does towards us after all the crap we have been through in the last 4 or so years she should be realising that the way shes acting shes pushing me further and further away all she ever does is blame me foe all teh shit in the world!

Am i the only one who has a parent/parents like this ??

It gets me down a lot. You know what she once told me, we argued before i left to go away on holiday in june this year, something which was totally not my fault, she turned round to me and said " i hpe you die on holiday" so i replied so do i that way i dont have to put up with your shit anymore!

Thats how bad things get between us....and yet i still love and respect my mum at the end of the day...


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    Re: Parents !!!!
    Originally posted by ®
    Am i the only one who has a parent/parents like this ??


    My dad is an arse & always puts me & my other bro's & sis down. He is forever taken over things when you are doing them cause he thinks he knows best when he doesn't. He is absolutely thick as shit & has no schooling what so ever & has been on the doll all his life. So I don't see what gives him the right to get on his soap box & preach about things he doesn't have a clue about.

    My mum is abit better but she does have this evil streak in her & you just want to tell her to fuck off when it comes out & get out of the house.

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    I know its difficult to understand (i too have parents who can be like yours!), but 'we do it because we care'.

    its mad being a parent, we're not given a manual, or told of the best ways to deal with situations, and we're living our life too; which is so stressful and difficult at times, and often theres things going on that we dont tell our children, we do that to protect you. and it doesnt protect you, but we dont know any better because as i've already said; we've never done it before (and for the some of us who have its different every time), and we've not been told of the best way to do it.

    as well as worrying about your life, what you're going to do when you're older and if its really going to make you happy, what college or university you're going to go to and where the money's going to come from, you losing all that weight, or putting it on for that matter; that shit going on with your friends, or the mess of your love life, what you get up to out of home, how you really feel and what you're really thinking, we have to do all the same and more for our own lives. How we're feeling, our career, our love life, our family life, paying all of our bills, saving to keep you in the manner to which you've become accustomed yadda yadda yadda.

    Its very very very hard for both parties. I've only understood this since i've had my little girl, and true; she's only two - but the mess she gets me in over sometimes is just so painful. Stuff like whether im doing the right thing, telling her the right things, setting her up for the proper life, paying for her to have dancing lessons when she's older, taking her out to the zoo, even just thinking about the future scares me, let alone actually sitting down and trying to plan it. And at the same time, im an 18 year old girl living at home with a mum who just doesnt seem to give a shit half the time, and when she does its when it suits her and not me, and therefore im not in the mood and tell her to drop it and that upsets her and she goes off in a mardy and does the things that i hate, not because i hate them; just because she enjoys them. and in the end its all a big mess.

    All i can suggest is that you hold on. you're 21 yars old now, theoretically you could move out tomorrow. The longer you stay there, the more this will carry on. You're in a position where if worst comes to worst - you can leave. And believe me; as soon as you leave you're relationship will be so much better. I left once, I was 16 and it was absolutely great between us, but I didnt have the funds as a 16 year old to keep me, my daughter and my partner going with my partners wages and whatever i had left dripping around in my bank somewhere, so i had to go back. its not that much better than it was before i left, except my mum knows i need my space because Im a parent too now, and i have to get on with things, but she still hassles me and does the things i hate.

    just hang on, and maybe start sorting yourself out for a life of responsibilty on your own, in your own place. You are 21; you could quite happily do that.
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    You should try living in my house when my dad's at home. His a fucking arse hole sometimes.. well, most of the time.
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