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Has anyone had one? Ive got to have one in January, doctors suspect endometriosis. The only thing is im terrifed of surgery of any kind due to what happened to a close family friend a couple of years back. Considering backing out, but my boyfriend and mum say I have to find out whats causing me so much pain.

I dont know what to do.


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    I had a laparoscopy and it does sound really frightening, but please dont worry its no where near as bad as it sounds.

    They make a small incision just by your belly button and basically take a look at whats going on that way. There will be a tiny scar which fades and you will hardly see it later on. It depends what they decide to do if they find any problems whilst they have you under anastetic, if it is something they can do straight away they will probably go ahead and do it to save you having to be readmitted. After the op it may be a bit sore but youre not going to be in real agony.

    Hope that helps, but with any operation obviously its a scary time so I dont think your alone by worrying, id say 99.9% of people would also be a bit scared.
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