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uni + depression...

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are not a good combination i know :( i dunno if i am suffering from it or am just fed up of my circumstances. all i know is i'm feeling down, upset a lot of the time and just can't seem to face up to anything. i'm going to try build up strength to see someone about it tomorrow, but i wanted to hear of any student's comments on this. did you let any of your tutors know about how you were feeling, incase they wondered why your work wasn't too good or why you were absent? argh i dunno what to do with myself :confused: i'm not really liking uni at all. i love the course, but socially its very hard to fit in. i haven't made any friends, have to set off two hours before the start of any class to make it in time, am never getting involved with stuff going on in the union etc. i don't want to leave cos what else would i do - all i can see on the job centre's website is office work which would probably bore me to death.


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    I know what you mean about sometimes Uni being a bit lonely, I lived in a bedsit for most of mine so that was shite. However if you do make the effort it is worth it. I ended up disliking most of the people on my course because they were dull, but I did make some good friends.

    If you want more help about depression, I'd ask in the health bit, they seem to know their stuff in there.
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    Hi Natalie

    If you love the course, try to stick at it. If you just started uni, you haven't really been there that long and with time I think you will settle in more.

    If you're not getting involved then maybe you should, I know if you're lacking in confidence it isn't really appealing to go along to a society alone. But there are other things, such as writing for the student magazine or getting involved in volunteering which will allow you to meet people and do something worthwhile.

    When I started uni, 2 years ago, I got really depressed, I withdrew into myself and ended up dropping out halfway through the first year. I never talked to anyone about how I felt, I think maybe if I had done, I would have stuck it out.
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    omg my first yr in uni was awful!-due to boyfriend at home/sharing a room/didnt like my course.
    a few times i wanted to quit but im so glad i didnt coz i got rid of the boyfriend, am now living in a house(so own room) and i like my course strangely!

    if you're in 1st yr then it is an unhappy time for a lot of people because you have to settle in and its a completely different world to what you're used to!

    maybe try and live closer next yr, i know if i lived that far away i'd stay in bed. and you have to make a big effort in uni because there are so many people that you have to get yourself known so people will want to go out on the razz with you. swap you mob numbers with everyone you talk to in lectures/tutorials.

    definitely go see your personal tutor. i went to see mine in floods of tears and it really helped. i also went to see some hippy counsellor for half an hour and it was the biggest bag of shite ive ever heard. apparently i felt 'disabled' wtf!:eek2: talk to you parents or someone you feel close to aswell. sharing probs really does help.
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    As everyones said, we all feel like that at times in uni. It's a new start beasically in life. You've got to make new friends and you often feel isolated and alone. It does get easier though.

    Also as said try to live closer next year or even try and see if anyone has dropped out and there's spaces in halls at the moment. It will make it easier cos you're living with everyone else so have people aroud you all the time. You won't be as tired becasue you don't have to be up as early and have as much traveling etc.

    Talking to people is a good idea, we all need a shoulder for support etc. Tutors will understand and you should have a personal tutor who is there for you to basically go and talk about this sort of thing to.

    Whatever you do though don't quit. i've done that twice and both have been bad decisions in life that I do regret. If you're enjoying your course thats all that really matters. Yes there's a lot of hype that uni is all about going out getting pissed every night, but tbh not many people really do that.

    How many of your school/college friends are still around where you live? Also are you split into small groups for tutorials etc...you might find it easier to meet people and make friends in those than in actual lectures when there's x hundred people around.
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    wow everyone, thanks for your replies :) yeah, i think it would be better if i lived in halls or shared accomodation, but then there's the sheer cost of all that. i suppose the cost would be worth it though, it would be wicked living nearer to the city centre and i think it would do me good to live with people my own age. i really don't have enough money to be doing that this year, but i will definately consider it for next year and save up as much as i can for it. i would miss my cat though :(

    i'd feel really embarrassed telling people about how i was feeling, but i know it should be done. it wouldn't be too bad talking to a counsellor cos they've heard it before but i think it'd be awkward telling my personal tutor. i am trying to get involved more - i should hopefully be taking part in a production of grease which is something i've always wanted to do but missed the first meeting cos of how down i was. i'm emailing the guy who's in charge of it, hopefully there'll still be something for me to do.

    i didn't make any friends in college, and there's only one person i still see from my school days. i think she is coming to my uni next year, so that'll be great. yes, i'm in smaller tutorial groups every day but its all male so... a few of them are quite funny though and most people do make the effort to chat with me. its just me and my naff social skills that are a huge problem. i suppose it'll all take time for me to find my feet and start enjoying myself :)
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    I've been depressed for a while though and I was really worried about coming to uni, getting depressed and just wrecking it all. Things arent great. But I've been to my GP and to the uni counselling service and my antidepressants have been doubled and I'm currently waiting for a regular counselling session. I went and saw my tutor today, as advised by my GP, and it was one of the best things I did. She's made all my other tutors aware that I may miss lessons/hand in shit work etc which takes the pressure off until my antidepressants kick in again and until I get counselling. She also gave me advice on where else to go for help and reassured me that there are ways of getting through exam time/coursework even though I am depressed. Seriously if you let people know they can help you. PM me or add me to MSN if u want to talk

    kisses xxx
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    I'm actually going to my uni counselling service today because things have just got too much and everything is really getting on top of me, so i know exactly how you feel.
    I would definitely recommend talking to your tutors, mine have been great. Well in my Hall anyway,they've told my academic tutors but I haven't got round to speaking to them myself yet.
    I think uni is such a big upheaval and I know for me it's simply resurfaced past issues I had and I really don't feel great at the moment.
    Talking to people may seem hard but it really can help and give you the support you need.
    Good luck with it all! xx
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    Starting uni is such a transitional time - and though it doesn't seem like it, I'm sure that many other people at you UNi feel just the sanme as you. It takes a while to get used to your new surroundings, not have the safety nets of home and family in place - and of course to make friends. Try to stick out - you say you enjoy your course which is great - it's the main reason you're there after all! If you have a particular lecturer that you get on with book an appointment to discuss your woorries with them - or find out if there is a student counsellor you can see. You could also visit your GP for some advice if you have ojne there yet.
    We have a feature on
    making new friends which should hopefully help you with that.
    Good luck xx
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