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lying about age

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right ive been with my g/f for 2 weeks now, and today she told me she lied about her age, shes actually in year 10 and not year 11 like she said. i duno wot to say or feel, i still wana be with her but i get the feeling i dont trust her any more. wot do u think, is it right to lie about ur age and is it alright for me to feel how i do or should i forget about it cos i like her a lot and she must to have told me she lied.


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    i think its bad she lied about her age, but it obviously goes to show that she wanted to make a good impression on u!

    it's perfectly ok to feel the way u do, (she did lie after all) but she admitted it early on which is a good thing, and it musta taken sum guts to tell u, so i think u shud giv her the benefit of the doubt.

    if u really think it's a problem, then u shud talk 2 her bout it, otherwise now u can have a fab, honest relationship! <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

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    I agree if she thought it necessary to lie about her age she must have done it to keep you keen. And she did tell you the truth in the end. I wouldn't worry about it mate.
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    Ok well i lied about my age 2 my current bf. He's 20 & i'm 16, i met him in a pub so naturally i told him i woz 18. He txt me the next morning & i thought that i'd better tell him my real age. He woz REALLY pissed wit me. At 1st i thought it woz coz of my age but after ages of trying 2 get him 2 talk 2 me again i found out it woz coz i lied. He forgave me but i don't think he trusts me that much & i regret lying 2 him but i had a good reason 4 doin it. (well i think i do ne way) I once told a different guy i woz only 16 whilst in a pub & he kindly told the manager & i got kicked out!
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    Which is why i lied 2 Matt (my current bf). U need 2 ask her why she lied 2 u b4 u do ne thing.
    If u think it is a valid reason then i'd stay wit her, as u said u really like her. But if u find that u still don't trust her in a few weeks time then maybe it isn't worth it!?
    A relationship needs trust, if u don't trust sum1 then u can't really have a relationship wit them but u also need 2 tell her how u feel. My bf told me he doesn't really trust me much @ the mo but we r working @ it. If he still don't trust me in a couple of weeks though then we will probably call it off coz there is no point 2 it if he don't trust me!
    Hope i've been of sum help!
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    well, im sorry to hear that she lied to you in the 1st place as i hate people lying to me. it's such a bad start to a relationship and u feel u can't trust her again...

    but if she lied, she must have wanted you to like her and wanted to make a good impression. she probably didn't know what damage it could do to you. besides...one year isn't that much is it? it'll be different if she made an age up that is far from the truth. u can always argue that a lie is still a lie...but there is a difference between a small lie and a big lie.

    and she admitting to you now just shows that she values u of something of importance and doesn't wanna lie no more. she must see the relationship something that will last and wants to come clean, and i think that's important, admitting it and saying sorry.

    why don't u give her another chance? she probably just done it to impress you and now she's come clean...i don't see why u have to end it. it will take time for u to trust her again i know...but you'll get there if you're willing...and of course, if u think she's worth it!

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    A relationship relies on trust but syaing that, she lied to you before you started going out, to impress and after you started going out it must of been hard for her to admit it. Forget this one time, just mention if u havent already that you were a bit dissapointed that she lied.

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  • JsTJsT Posts: 18,268 Skive's The Limit
    Trust is wots its all about!

    Mind u if u thing u cantrust her, go ahead, keep at it

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