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HELP!!!!!!!! what to do

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I dont know what to do, i broke up with someone in May, we were very much in love but something went wrong, not sure what, and we broke up. we haven't really spoken over the summer and other people have interfered trying to get us to fall out with each other. I went to university in September and we got friends again the night b4 i went. we've stayed in touch while im there. but i came home this weekend and we met up saturday and sunday, at the end of the night he kissed me. he wanted to see me monday but then never rang me and now im cross cos i feel im being messed around but i love him. i dont know what to do, should i ring him to see if he wants to meet up or do u think that seems to pushy? HELP!!!! what i forgot to add is that ive come home from uni now and wonder if hes realised he missed me when i went away and cos ive come back he feels we could be toghether cos im not away at uni.

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    Remember this motto
    'Give someone a second chance but not a third'

    Sure you can ring him if you want, but if it was me i would resist doing this, and wait for him to phone. Then you can see if he really meant it at the weekend or not.

    And if he doesn't phone, let him no what a great time you are having at uni. I know it sounds harsh, but it sounds to me like he's realised that you are going away, and is trying to have some sort of hold over you. Don't worry about him, get on with your life away from home. He can't expect you to come running every time he calls.

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    hey hun. you love him, but does he feel the same way about u, im not very good at these type of things, but from what ive read it does look like hes messed u about a bit. dont call him, let him call u and make the effort and if he doesnt then u know where u stand.
    i hope that helped u me dear.
    all the best.
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