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Is My B/F Weird????

OK heres the story.......i've been wit my b/f for 1month & 1week & i like him a lot but there is one weird thing about him! He's 16 & he's never had a g/f or got off wit ne one b4....thats not the weird thing! The weird thing is that we hadn't kissed or ne thing till last week when we'd been goin out 4 1month & i made the 1st move coz it woz obvious he wasn't goin 2 but he pulled away straight away & said "sorry i'm not a kissy person"!!!!!!! Why do u think he did this? All the other b/f's i've had have been fine! Please help!
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    Maybe he had some weird experience with a perv or something when he was younger?? Or maybe he's just a very nervous and insecure kinda guy, and he thinks he can't kiss and you'll take the piss??
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    I cant give you an answer, for why your boyfriend acted like this, but the only advice i can give to you is to go and talk to your boyfriend, and ask him why. He may be too shy and embarassed to talk to you, but you must let him know that you need to know why. He must be honest with you, because a reationship without honesty is not worth having.

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