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Come out, wherever you are...

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I'm 13yrs old and have never had a proper boyfriend. <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt;
When me and my mates go out I often see groups of lads looking at us, and I'm not that bad looking or anything. There's no one at school I would really go for, but I can't just go up to a boy on the street and ask him for his number! How am I supposed to meet any nice guys anywhere if there's no where to go!


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    It'll happen. Or so I keep telling my self. Don't worry, really. I'm almost 16 and still haven't had a proper gf. Ok, I'm a bit annoyed bout it. Also, I'm at an internation school. The nature of such a school is loads of new ppl each year, so if each year I look forward to meeting the new girls. But just let it happen. Don't fret over not having your sights set on anyone. It's when you decide you really like someone that you can start worrying.
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    I thought that I would return the favour and help u sort out your probs!!
    Well, to be honest-I think boyz r a total waste of time!! Don't get me wrong- I'm no man-eater or nething but I've just broken up with my bf and he's being a total arsehole bout it!! But in your case I think I have to agree with 'Turtle' -u have 2 stop worring cos if u try too hard to meet some1, u never will. Just be yourself and they'll soon start lining up!! [oh yeah, it would help if u didn't do 2 many embarrasing things in front of every1!]But still, I hope u do find some1 special.

    luv 'n stuff
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