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Whats wrong with being to nice?

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Hi ya!
im seriously fed up! im the past week ive been rejected twice and stood up. and the reason is because girls think im 'too nice' go figure. so tell me girls/guys whats wrong with a bloke being to nice? i thought girls wanted nice guys? im always being told im good looking (i dont think im anything special) and got good personality and they can talk to me about anything. but when i want to take things futher and go out with a girl she always says no because im a to nice guy or something to do with losing my friendship. im getting seriously depressed. i know girls aint everything, but i need someone to share close stuff with, be with someone. but girls i like are to busy telling me im a loverly wonderful caring, to kind bloke who they cant go out with. then a week later they go out with someone else and come to me with their problesm, surly i aint the best person to tell. so why am i still single when im always being told as the 'perfect' guy a girl could want, why am i always being rejected for being to nice.
Thanxs for all replys
Da Essex Lad


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    I guess it's all about a challenge. Lots of girls fall for bad guys :-)
    However, a bloke can't be too nice, it's just that very often too nice = predictable. I've had a b/f who got dumped because he was too nice :-) In fact "too nice" was just an expression to use not to hurt his feelings. That lad I was going out with completely run out of his imagination after 2 month of the relationship and became plain boring, although he continued to be very sweet etc. So him "being too nice" was a perfect exuse to finish it.

    In your case, I reckon you being rejected is just a coincidence. By my standards you can't be TOO NICE at the very beginning, because at the beginning a new bloke is himself something exciting while niceties and romance are always welcome :-).
    I think the girls used this line as an exuse for something else (fancy another bloke, you are not their type etc)
    The one about loosing your friendship means that a girl doesn't see you as a romantic object, for whatever reason...
    I know, you may feel very disappointed now, but it won't be always this way. Just chill out and relax, and it'll work out for you.
    After all, when we go for bad guys we always hope they'd become sweet and kind.
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