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she is a good friend, and ...

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hi all.
Sorry about the similarity of this posting to
some of the other ones on the board.
I have known this girl for over 2 years now and I see her from time to time around town and we have also been hitching together a few times. <P class="body">She did take over my brain and feelings quite a while back, but I haven't done anything about it as she has got a boyfriend. <P class="body">I did send her a letter last year, where I did say how I felt about her, but did sign it not with my name but as Bluestream.. <P class="body">I have been about to talk to her about it so many times, but then decided not to, in the last second because of my fear to lose her as friend.<P class="body">I would have done it long time ago if she didn't have a boyfriend....<P class="body">Do you think I should talk to her or wait.<P class="body">Bluestream (21 summers old)


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    Aahhh, that is sooo sweet! The dilemna here is that if you tell her she might freak and then you'll have lost your friend... but, on the other hand, sounds like this is eating you up and you're not going to be able to have a friendship with her whilst you feel this way. Do u think she'll go out with u? If no, then maybe best left but if she really likes u it might be worth a go - I guess for us its what's more important, a good friend or the vague possibility that someone will dump her boyfreind for you. Good luck mate.
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