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Hia, rite my best mate was having a lot of trouble at our high skool geting bullied etc etc, me and my other best mate stuck up for her were there for her etc and then we find out yest morning that shes moved skools! she hadnt told anyone! not even us! now obv this wound us up and so we just left it.
BUT this mornin i txt her to see how she was blah blah blah and she txts fine yea, but then some girl whos now her new mate txt of her phone saying leave leah alone she aint gona get twated wen shes with me and fuck off basically! this really hurt me! after all ive done for her and stuff she just throws it back at uz! :crying: i mean we had our diffrences sometimes etc but we always made up and went out n stuff i just dont see why shes dont it! ive now txt her back asking what she means and stuff and she has yet to txt bk! grrrrrrrrrr :banghead: im sooo anoyed at this!
what do you lot think are we over reacting? or right to be so annoyed?

thanx xx


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru

    Try ringing her - text messages are such a pain in the arse for sorting problems out.
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