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havin a nightmare over italian

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hi to you people who hav chosen to read this. :) im lookin for a bit of advice over what to do with my italian lesson-should i stay or should i go etc. i really love learning languages and have learnt italian for a little bit now but my old italian teacher whom i got on well with left at the end of summer and now i have a new teacher who isnt (i think) quite as good. i dont enjoy my lessons now like i used to and learning is hard and more of a chore. worse still i get in a muddle and dont understand what she's talking about for most of the lesson. :crazyeyes so for the past few times i've had to ask another teacher at skool who speaks italian fluently (they're italian) for help just so i understand whats going on. argh major panic. advice please!!
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    I have a few suggestions...Is this at school or uni? Either way, is there a tutor who can advise you, particularly if you're having probs learning with this teacher? Are any other students of this teacher finding it hard as well ? Perhaps try discussing it with them. Don't be afraid to go to a tutor/ head of department and they should show concern and will be able to keep a check on this teacher and also the progress of your work- that way they can draw their own conclusions and discuss making changes with the teacher in question.

    Talk to the teacher privately and explain how willing you are to learn but that you're having probs. Write down the probs and suggest clear ways that you think would help you learn better. It's a teacher's job to give you the best learning experience so they should be happy to cooperate, but if not, go straight to the top and make your complaints known there!

    I had a similar prob at A-level- the best Spanish teacher ever left at the end of lower 6 and another came who was quite frankly hostile to our class. One day it all came to a head and we talked it over with her. Perhaps we were comparing her too much to the old teacher and maybe we were giving out bad vibes cos she just wasn't the same... Anyway, her attitude changed after that and she was lovely in the end.

    Don't let all this stop your enjoyment of learning the language x
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