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What would you do?

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Well on friday night i went out with a friend for my birthday. Anyway as usual her recent boyfriend (they've just split and are virtually back together) came to for a bit and then she blantenly dumped him to carry our night on (but it was really so she could meet the bloke who split the two of them up) anyway we met him and luckily he had 3 others with him. Right well i flirted obviously with them but finally pulled one of them! All we did was kiss etc. but he was so nice and all but he told me he wanted to fuck me but i wriggled out of that and he said no more. Anyway later we chatted and held hands and he asked me where we went from this i was like , ummmm.
Anyway some bloke we half knew asked us if we were a coupke and stupidly i said nah, im just some girl he met!!!!!!!!!!!! duh!!!
Anyway my point is i like him and wanna get his number but i feel such an idiot coz i kept turning him down..........
Do you think he'll still wanna know me.
I can get his number i think, coz his mate asked me if i wanted his number but i said i could get it through someone else. The thing is i just don't know whether he was just like that coz he was drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!(but denied being drunk)


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