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Hurt + Confused

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Right its a tricky one. I met this girl on the net, and we met up at the weekend. Beforehand, she told me that what i looked like didnt matter to her, and I was cool with that (I aint ugly, i aint gorgeous, im somehwere in between i think). it was cool, coz she approached me, we talked for a bit then she had to go (which i woz kool with). OK she wasnt as gorgeous as i thought she might have been, but she was quite nice + attractive. We talked on the net later that night, and she thought that I didnt like her which wasnt true (i didnt say anyhting, i s'pose she just picked up dat vibe), but i said she was nice then i though we were okay THEN she left a messsage on my website, sticking up for me and stuff (coz others had been slaggin me off), but she said I wasnt the best looking. I know i might be soundin hypocritical but im worried that she sees me as a dissapointement + i dunno wot to do anymore


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    I know its easier said than done, but ask her either in an email or on a chat room if she was disapointed with u.
    Say ur v.flattered that she stuck up 4 u but couldnt help to notice wen she sed u werent the best looking of guys.
    See what she says.
    Its probably a crap idea, but let me know what happens

    whats green and smells of bacon??
    Kermits fingers!
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    its natural to feel like that because you dont know her and therefore you dont know what she thinks.thats humans for you-constantly being conscious what people think of them.
    i bet she feels the same.
    what u need to dfo is have a chat to her about the previous meeting and actually tell her u feel insecure-the feelings probably mutual and its something funny to laugh about.
    i'm, not gonna tell to stop worrying cos that wont help but just talk to her.Obviously she still likes you as a friend-sticking up for you.Just talk to her and I dont think looks is everything.Did you click when you saw her,did conversation go well?if yes,thats all that matters.
    good luck.
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