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a situation has occured!

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ok, well saw my girlfriend last night and we had a great time. but i was talkin to my friend, and there is this other girl who likes me as well. she just got back from holiday, she didnt realise that we were goin out and she found out from my mate. she was telling my friend that she was insanely jealous, she was crying down the phone to him. she said that she is going to harm her and all this shit, but she is abit fucked up, so it could be possible, im scared she is gonna try and fuck up our relationship, how can i tell her to back off. theses 2 girls dont get on anyway, cause this has happended before between the 2 of them. i dont want to be on my own with her cause she is very good at seducing, i dont know if i could trust myself, even though ive only statred going out with this other girl, im just like that. i dont think i will and i dont want to, but there is always that chance. i wa tryint to fix her up with this other guy to get away, but it didnt work. how can i tell her to not mess witrh our relationship and back off?


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    u've worked hard for the girl u got, dont just throw her away.

    just put it plain to the other girl that u dont want her.
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    dont try and fix her up with another guy, that never works - shes obviously got it bad 4u.

    Explain 2 ur girl bout the situation - that u like her and not the other girl, who mite try to say stuff to break you up. Tell her not to believe anything she tries to say and please believe u when u say shes the only girl blah blah blah.

    Then, ignore the other girl and get on with getting to know ur girlfriend properly and have a fab time!

    Hope this helped <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;


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