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My best mate

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Right theres this thing goin on which has been happening for a long time now,

but its really bad at the moment n its pissing me off soooo much im gonna go crazy,

this is gonna be pretty long i think so if u've got the attention span of a flea u best not read,

ok not last year but the year b4 that i started seeing this guy around november and my best m8 started seein this girl too,

anyway when it got to like xmas i got threw out n went to live at my dads which is about 20mins drive from T's n totally off the bus routes but we used to meet in town nearly everyday n do shit together, r go to each others houses n still go clubbin wiv each other at weekends, basically nothing changed between us,

we used to see our gf & bf at different times cos they werent both in the same circle of ppl n didnt live no where near each other n her gf was pretty cool,

anyway i moved back up here n she broke up wiv her gf n got a bf, because she got a bit confused about being gay because she sort of liked him but didnt know if it was in a sexual way,

anyway she went out wiv him for a while n decided it wasnt ina sexual was n met this girl C one night who was already wiv someone,

anyway C n T got on really well n got good friends then C spplit up wiv her gf n got with T,

then i got threw out again n had to move back to my dads (i get threw out a lot btw,lol) so then im at my dads n i get a phone call of T saying that she cant see me anymore n im like WTF, she said her gf had heard tihngs about me n that i was a bad influence on T n therefore T wasnt allowed to speak to me anymore, cos i was this n that,

this was around marchish i think, and the only time i came round this end was when i was coming up to my bfs flat he had up here, which wasnt often cos he had one near my dads so common sense said go there,

i wasnt workin and at this time i was living with my dad who is a total dope head n doesnt do nuffin apart from get stonde n go about his dodgy life so i fell in with that very happily (again), i wasnt very worried about T because i was wrecked 24/7 n thought id leave her be cos i know shes my best mate n wed never ever fall out over nuffin n in time shed realise she missed me n talk to me again,

anyway i moved back down here n T came round to see me one night she had changed pure she was really quiet n like she came in my room n i was like hiya babes god ive missed u sooo much n huggin her n shit, n she was huggin me really tight n i could feel her shakin, she sat om me bed n i said get ur shoes of T get comfy,

like she always used to do n she was at it noo its ok (dead shaky voice) then after i bugged her to get comfy she did, then i threw the weed and skins over to her n said make ur self a spliff T n she goes no i cant do that its ur bodour, <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/eek.gif"&gt; T reject a spliff i dont think so,

she was soo quiet n not herself n she was just well changed, when i started askin her about her gf i sorta get the message why, she kept hinting things about her gf hit her when they were here n when they were there, n kept saying things like oh i dont do that any more when we talked about stuff, n when i said why she said cos im not allowed!!! What the fuck!!! T never let no one boss her about shes a loud mouth get like me i was fuckin well shocked n really worried about her,

She told me not to tell anyone that shed been round cos shed get into loads of trouble of her gf, so i kept my gob shut, anyway that week i started gettin these funny phone calls of a girl who i thought was T's gf cos they were saying shit like stay away from a certain someone ir ur gonna die n all that crap, then i saw T n she said her gf knew shed been to see me, so i put two n two together n thought it was her gf giving me shit,

so i rung T up n said no offence but u better sort ur bird out cos ive had to change my phonme number cos of her, so me n T had a big fall out over this n i didnt see her for aages, anyway one night i found out this girl ringin me up was someone my bf was seein behind my back, i found this out pissed up when i was in the pub n i was fucked outta my face sos i come home ring T up n cry my eyes out sayin that i knew it wasnt her gf n i was really sorry n i loved her n all that stuff,

she was crying to cos shed had a row wiv her gf so we both cried n told each other how much we loved each other n was really sorry for fallin out, so i went n danced wiv my bf's other gf in front of the twat while he was DJing i got smacked off a bouncer cos of him n then got shagged later that night off some guy, lol

anyway thats irrelevent later that week on the friday T broke it off wiv hef gf and me n T went to town together ended up twatting fuck outta each other, prob cos we had loadsa of tension then made friends after me sittin in a load of mud in picadilly gardens n crying again n her cryin n beggin me to make up wiv her so we did n ever since then we was like really really close again like we always were,

then gf comes back on the scene a couple of months back, T got back wiv her to give it another go much to my dislike because of the obvoius shes me best mate i love her n ont want no one to hurt her physically mentally or in any way possible,

when i got ill T stopped doing every single drug wiv me n was prefectly happy the way things was, she looked better than ever in herself she had pink cheeks n looked fresh n all that shit, n she was really sorting her act out after nearly having anervous breakdown and being majorly depressed,

now since shes back with her gf shes doing E's n weed again, n i know she doesnt like it really, i dont even think she liked doing it wiv me n my other mate whos name also begins wiv T so i wont confuse you all lol, she smoked the weed n that n wouldnt go a day wiv out a plsiff but she doesnt like the pills i spose she just did them cos she wanted to be how we felt but i could just tell she didnt like them she was just dead rushy n not happy on em n seemed dead edgy n nervy,

so anyway yeah shes back doing all that her gf C went back wic her ex after splittin up wiv T last time n then they broke up n thats when C came crawling back to T,

n C's ex hates T's guts n would kill T if she ever got hold of her,

which happened one night when they were in C's flat, C's ex came running in n got a lamp ripped it out of the wall n started smashin t's head in wiv it, she then tried to strangle C and then rung babylon up n grassed them up for having rock n pills in the house, so C is now due to go in court later this month,

when she got back to the flat after being at the police station C's ex had taken eevrything from the flat so C smashed all the windows n wrecked the place, n then went n moved in with T n her mum

C treated T's house like a dos house had everyone in ate all the food didnt give T's mum no moey and started beatin T which i knew she would eventually n is what ive been worried about, T's mum sais she wanted C out of her house n T being T has gone wiv her, she now lives at C's mums house oh n guess what T has to give C's mum money every week for food n shit!!!

Cheeky bitch but she wouldnt give it to T's mum, T rings me up n C is always wiv her right next to her n even makes T let her listen to what im sayin,

C says she dont have a problem wiv me now n she knows shell neevr get in between of me n T but shes makin it really hard for T to talk to anyone at all, T aint been seen off no one on her own for like over a month now, n when she is on the phone to me n C goes away the minute shes gone T breaks down on the phone n tells me how unhappy she is n how Cs being dead controllin of her n all the bad things n then the minute C walks back in the room she starts laughin n jokin about,

i know shes really unhappy n i dont think anyone else realises,

C comes one the phone to me all the time when im talking to T n tells me how much she loves T n how she comes b4 anyone else n all this fuckin shite n i know its all shite cos shes a devious fuckin controlling manipulative skinny fuckin dyke n i seriously hate her, i know its all bullshit n shes just tryna say all this to me so ill think awww dont C really care about T but i aint stupid n i aint gonna be fooled by none of it,

like T ring me up from work a couple of days ago n i was on the phone to someone else but i went n rung her back cos if i dont talk to her when she rings me up ill prob not get to talk to her for another week, n if shes on her own then i defo wanna talk to her so she can tell me shit,

i feel so useless cos i know her gfs hittin her n i know shes controllin her again, like i said to T the other day why dont you come up n see me n she said ok me n C will come up this week n see u n i said no T i dont want u and C to come n see me i want U to come n see me n she said well u know i cant, Grrrrrr

n she wanted to see a counsellor so i asked my drugs counsellor about it and shes sorted something out for T but when i said to T ive got the munber for you n theyll come n see u in macs donalds even

she said no i cant any more n i said why not n she said well how the fuck am i supposed to get away from C i cant get away from her do anything on my own,

i dont know what the fuck to do i cant go n help tina n i cant knock her gf out n tell her to keep the fuck away from T which is exactly what id do if i was better, n yes violence solves nothing i hear u all say but im majoryl pissed off now,

i have tried not to let thi bother me cos i know theres fuck all i can do in the situation i am but its really hard when ive got ym m8 ont he phone to me crying or whispering things to me so her gf wont hear

ARGHHH <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/eek.gif"&gt;

When im better i swear im gonna run off somewhere wiv her n never come back!!

I really had to get this out in the open, i know about all the psychological things of how hard it is to leave someone who beats u, ive been in a couple of abusive relationships too but never got too deep into them, and ive always been strong enuff to turn my back because ive seen what it did to my mum n how her bf raped her n beat her n caused her to lose both hr children,

i just feel so useless, n im gonna go n get pissed up now cos this has taken me ages to write cos im talkin too n i need some alchocol lol


and thank you anyone who got this far lol

<IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/smile.gif"&gt;

©lovely freaks

MTS ^5 ;)


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    I'm sorry to hear things are so horrid for T. There is definately a problem there, to me it sounds a bit like domestic violence (but I admit I really don't know). T needs serious help and I think the first step (and it's a difficult one) is she needs to accept that there is a problem and should get away from it, and seek the apropriate help to help her on the road to recovery.

    I really don't know what to suggest but wish you both the best of luck.

    Love and peace to you both

    The river is wide and oh so deep. I've been walking around in tears, No answers arethere to get. Cause between this world and eternity there is a face I hope to see
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    I actually read every word of this last night and never got round to replying. Thats pretty sad if T isn't even allowed to go to Mcdonalds on her own. Does C work at all? Are they with each other 24/7?


    I had an IQ test. The results came back negative
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    Yeah they both work,

    thing is they work together as well,

    well they work for an agency, n they both r placed at the same place,

    n if they werent i doubt whether they would be going to work, n T would just get cased of C sayin what have u been doing n all that shit,

    she wont leave her cos all she ever says is she loves me really n i love her n im really happy with her,

    but she aint happy at all, shes messed up big time since she got back with her, she looks just i dont know not right, she aint got that twinkle in her eye n that no more,

    n i can tell when shes laughin its all afke n shes puttin it on,

    im just really scared that C is gonna be real fucked one night n tak it too far n really hurt her.

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    Girl-From-MarsGirl-From-Mars Posts: 2,822 Boards Guru

    i read it all too last night, but i couldnt think of what to say. i wish i had some advice for you and T. it seems obvious to us that she should get out, but i guess people dont see it if they're involved and in love <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt; kinda similar with my friend julie and her whole relationship thing, but shes not getting treated the way T is <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt;

    i hope that she sees what C is doing isnt because she loves her and isnt acceptable either way, and that she tries to get out. in which case you'll be there to help her.

    If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else.
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    She knows its wrong,

    n thanx for readin this, i know theres not much i can do because of my situation but if i wasnt like this C wouldnt have smacked her once n got away wiv it,

    dont worry about giving me advice its just nice to know youve read it cos its been doin my tree in for weeks n i just aint really said nuffin but u know u get to apoint where u cant take it no more n its just pissing u off to the max well im at that point now.


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    hey spirit.

    the only good piece of advice i can offer u is to never give up on T. sometimes good people get into the wrong situation, and feel like they can never get out.

    all u can do is always be there for them, and never let them forget that they have the power to get away from whatever is happening and that there are people who love them that won't do bad things to them.

    being a victim is kinda like being an addict in the sense that the first step towards recovery is acknowledging u have a problem. then step two is to find the courage to stop it.

    sounds like she's at least admitted step one to u. now she needs to find the strength for step two, and she's gonna need u when she gets there.

    just keep reminding her C doesn't have power over her if T doesn't submit. it will be the hardest thing T will ever have to do. and the sad part is, most likely, she's gonna have to do it alone cause they don't want to involve other people usually... as u've already seen.

    just don't give up on her and always be on her side.

    good luck with T.
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    Originally posted by LUKA:
    I'm sorry to hear things are so horrid for T. There is definately a problem there, to me it sounds a bit like domestic violence (but I admit I really don't know). T needs serious help and I think the first step (and it's a difficult one) is she needs to accept that there is a problem and should get away from it, and seek the apropriate help to help her on the road to recovery.

    I really don't know what to suggest but wish you both the best of luck.

    Love and peace to you both

    Al said all of what I would have done (((leeanne))). Hope things work out too!
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    I dont think her mum realises how big this problem really is,

    shes not said anything to me about it which she usually does, like shell ring me up n say oh im really worried about this n we'll talk about it,

    and shes not said anything to my mum and theyre really good friends they see each other everyday to go to the farm to feed the horses n that,

    and i also dont think she knows because since T moved out she's been back to her house loadsa times to see her sis n her mum, and when she got thier no one was in, so she rang sis up later on n said look i came down all that way u knew i was coming where was u so they sorted it out n T told her another time she was coming down,

    she went to the house n where was everyone theyd all gone out again,

    shes only 17 ffs n shes got so much shit on her plate its fuckin well bad,

    thing is C is the only one whos showing her any sort of affection n i spose she thinks it makes up for all the bad stuff, n i can totally understand how she feels cos ive been knocked about,

    but ive never been controlled like that n not been able to see other ppl or nothing,

    its just stuff like she needs to come n pour her heart out b4 it fucks her up in her head. i wouldnt mind if she could even just be able to come round n talk to me about it n cry n get it all out in the open cos i know she wants to n i know she wants me to know,

    i just feel awful that i cant do anythink about it all i can do right now is just talk to her, i just wanna give her a big hug n tell her how much i love her <IMG alt="image" SRC="http://www.thesite.org/ubb/frown.gif"&gt;
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