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here's what happened so far

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OK, well it has just got complicated, I cant believe im goin to type this out, so much effort but here ut goes, this has happended in the space of 24 hours.

She txt me saying that i had told this other girl, named robyn, that i liked robyn. She asked the the previous night if i liked her and i said no, and that is true. So she accused me of lying. I then sent a txt message saying thst is a load of crap. I phoned robyn and asked why she said that. She denied it, and im good mates with her so i dont know why she would lie, but she has been known to lie alot. So after i called her she phoned the girl i want "jess" saying why u tell him that. actually she didnt talk to her she tried to get through but she couldnt. i phoned jess this morning saying that it is total crap and that she was lying. Jess then told me that it wanst robyn who told her it was both there friends lisa. Robyn told lisa that i said to her that i fancied her, which is a lie, lisa then told jess. i pleaded with her saying that i dont wanna lose our friendship and stuff. She was abit blank when i spoke to her, but i hopefully am going out with her tomoz so maybe i can sought it out then, this is too stressful. and to make it worse, this kinda thing has happened between robyn and jess before, so i think she may be more pissed off with robyn than me, well hopefully. This may prove that she does like me, and she also told her friend that she liked me in that way, but i dont know who to believe at the momoent.

U can read this again if u didnt get it the forst time, anyway, ill keep u posted!


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    I have a problem just like yours but I found that if u just tell the truth then it will all come out alot easier.
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    How long have you been with Jess,since you two are together there should be trust,thats the main key to the relationship.This Robyn does not seem to be trusted.You should also speak to the friend and tell Robyn to sort herself out.To me Robyn does seem to like you but even as a friend she doesnt seem to be a very good one ruining affairs for you,maybe she isnt a good friend after all.
    Dealing with Jess,you should have a deep chat with her,about the two of you,where exactly do you want it to lead and reassure her if she is insecure about the relationship.LET HER KNOW JUST HOW MUCH SHE MEANS TO YOU.She does mean alot to you right?Make sure you know what you want and what you are doing.Dont mess the girls'mind up.

    w love,CHEEKy
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    That is well good advice, that has really helped, thank you!
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