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About this forum (Neurodivergence)

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Welcome to Neurodivergence!

This is a space to discuss anything about neurodivergence. This isn't just a space for neurodivergent (ND) people - neurotypical (NT) people can post here too! (e.g. to learn more or for help supporting friends)

ND conditions are separate from illnesses, because people who have them are not unwell, they're just 'wired differently'. Currently, the most well known ND conditions are autism and ADHD, but definitions can also include dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, and more.

Why did we make this forum?

As mentioned above, ND doesn't fit neatly into any existing category. We know that ND conditions aren't illnessnes in the same way that anxiety and depression are, so Health & Wellbeing doesn't quite work. Given this, we felt a Neurodivergent category made the most sense.

As always with new forums, we'll continue to tweak this and listen to your feedback while we roll it out. Feel free to share your thoughts on this new category here or via DM to @TheMix!
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  • Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,280 Boards Guru
    Thank u for creating the forum this is so handy for me now!.
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  • KBee99KBee99 Posts: 46 Boards Initiate
    I think this is a great forum to have for the neurodivergent community as research as shown many of these individuals feel most comfortable communicating online/using technology so I can imagine it will be a very helpful and useful forum!!
  • cc_ilariacc_ilaria Community Champion Posts: 48 Boards Initiate
    I love this forum<33 thank you all
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