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create your own world/planet

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    JJLemon18JJLemon18 Community Champion Posts: 1,956 Extreme Poster
    This is such a cool idea!
    I think my ideal world wouldn't look too much different from this one, all the people would be there, all the colours would be there and all the things would be there. However there are no crimes, no dishonesty, no jealousy, no murder or theft and no corruption or war. Also would be nice if magic was a thing, being able to move objects with your mind would be so cool! And finally it would be a world where people have access to intergalactic travel, where people have colonised a couple planets and traveling between them would be no more difficult than taking a bus. Imagine having a trip to some tropical planet where there are colourful plants and cute animals that we'd never seen before.
    My world probably has many flaws but if it all worked out then this would be my ideal world haha :)
    What about your world @Morgan007?
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    Amy22Amy22 Posts: 4,159 Community Veteran
    I'd say in my world everything would be peaceful and relaxed. I can kind if see as a city similar to New York. I have had a low key hyperfixation with the Real Ghostbusters show lately so I kind of see my world similar to their universe. I feel that everyone would be equal too and there would a mixture of colours.
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    JJLemon18JJLemon18 Community Champion Posts: 1,956 Extreme Poster
    edited March 2023
    Morgan007 wrote: »
    @JJLemon18 that's sounds like a good world. My world would have just me and animals and some people that I like but not many :lol: it would be so peaceful
    That really sounds like a nice and peaceful world. Any animals in particular? Or maybe you could have a completely new animal. What would be your dream animal if you could create one? :)
    Believe in me - who believes in you
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