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Post of the Month(s) Voting :)

Emma_Emma_ Community Manager Posts: 601 Incredible Poster
Thanks so much for your nominations for July and August POTM, there are some great posts here!
Don't forget to nominate any posts you like over the month and they'll be entered in next months voting :sunglasses:

Winner will be announced Friday 16th September, so get voting quick!

Here are the nominations! You can either click the links to the post or open the spoilers to read. Congrats to all those nominated ✨

1. @Owl reply to "Would you want to have a mod of the month"
ooh ooh, or email every mod and tell them they're the mod of the month but not to tell anyone else cos it's a secret and then send them all haribo/wine/chocolate/lottery tickets or equivalent

2. @NeonBlueThunder1 thread "The Fortunately Unforunately Game"
Thought of a game that might be fun to play on here, its called fortunately, unfortunately.

What happens is that people take it in turns to tell a story, but you have to counter-act the other line above you, so for example: "Fortunately, I made it to the exam on time. Unfortunately, I studied for the wrong exam" =)

This can get rather silly and non-sensical, so pre-warning, not everything might be logical. :lol:

I'll get this game started:

Fortunately I woke up at the right time and didn't oversleep...

3. @Chloe234 reply to "If you were Prime Minister tomorrow"
Dinosaurs. Just dinosaurs. Thats my answer XD it may not make sense but Dinosaurs :lol: 🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖

Post of the Month(s) Voting :) 8 votes

Owl - Would you want to have a mod of the month
12% 1 vote
NeonBlueThunder1 - The Fortunately Unforunately Game
12% 1 vote
Chloe234 - If you were Prime Minister tomorrow
75% 6 votes


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    Chloe234Chloe234 Community Champion Posts: 2,233 Boards Champion
    thankyous :) and ofc! Dinos are just the best!
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    NeonBlueThunder1NeonBlueThunder1 Posts: 245 Trailblazer
    edited October 2022
    Oh my gosh, I feel honoured to be nominated. I have been on a break from my computer, so have only just seen this. Thank you so much. :) Also congratulations @Chloe234 :+1:
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