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Post of the Month(s) Voting!

Emma_Emma_ Community Manager Posts: 601 Incredible Poster
Thanks so much for your nominations for May and June POTM, some fab posts in this mix!

Winner will be announced Friday 16th July , so get voting quick!

Here are the nominations! You can either click the links to the post or open the spoilers to read.

1. @ren0420 reply to "Coronavirus Memes"
wanted to add rick in here somewhere

2. @independent_ reply to "Age Limit"
I agree that it’s a funding issue mostly. But also as Shaunie said it’s nice to have a space with people you can relate to. And there are spaces which are only for adults above a certain age too, because older adults sometimes feel they can’t relate to younger people in the same way (plus it keeps those young people safer). There are also spaces which are for anyone of any age so you won’t be left without support once you’re 26 :).

3. @Mumucookie02 reply to "Fear of Abandonment in BPD"
" Hey!
I definitely relate. I've been through my own series of abandonment issues and I was always afraid of losing people. One day I actually did lose the people I didn't want to lose (my absolute worst fear at the time) but what helped me was that I've always gained new amazing people after I've lost those I didn't want to lose. And some people stayed and never left!

What I'm trying to say is that it can quite literally be the most frightening thing and it doesn't help when the people you least want to lose turn around and say your fear of losing people will be your greatest downfall (at least that's what I was told). In essence, that person wasn't being very nice or understanding.

What took me a long time to realise was that people come and go but you will always have you and oftentimes the fear stems from something much deeper than what it appears. Things like therapy are very useful because someone can sit with you and unpick the reasons for your feelings, which helps overcome the fear! It's a very real fear so I completely empathise and I hope no one ever has to go through that, but this fear often comes with feelings of not being enough, which you are and here's a huge reminder!

At the end of the day we all have to remember that as unbelievable as it may be sometimes, we are wholly and completely enough. We deserve to be loved. Some of us need more reassurance than others but the ones who truly care and truly love and deserve you stay with you always. This is no fault of your own. You are not a burden. You are not too much. Anyone who thinks so doesn't deserve you, trust me. Most importantly, we can't please everyone because there are 7.9 billion people in the world, each with their own unique perspective, and that's okay!

I hope this helps and that you feel comfortable enough to ask for the reassurance your vulnerable and precious heart often craves and needs! <3 And as much as you can, try to trust others when they tell you they aren't going anywhere because trust is vital to any relationship or friendship.

Hugs :3.

4. @zaynab_5 reply to " Paranoia and Schizophrenia"
Hi there!
Feeling paranoid is quite normal when you are going through schizophrenia/psychosis. Getting a diagnosis of schizophrenia can be devastating. You may be struggling to think clearly, manage your emotions, relate to other people, or even function normally. But having schizophrenia doesn’t mean you can’t live a full and meaningful life. Despite the widespread misconception that people with schizophrenia have no chance of recovery or improvement, the reality is much more hopeful. Although currently there is no cure for schizophrenia, you can treat and manage it with psychiatric medication, self-help strategies, and supportive therapies (as you have said that you are having therapies). Since schizophrenia is often episodic, periods of remission from the severest symptoms often provide a good opportunity to start employing self-help strategies that may help to limit the length and frequency of future episodes. A diagnosis of schizophrenia is not a life-sentence of ever-worsening symptoms and hospitalisations. In fact, you have more control over your recovery than you probably realise. The majority of people with schizophrenia get better over time, not worse.
Coping with schizophrenia is a lifelong process. Recovery doesn’t mean you won’t experience any more challenges from the illness or that you’ll always be symptom-free. What it does mean is that you are learning to manage your symptoms, developing the support you need, and creating a satisfying, purpose-driven life. A treatment plan that combines medication with schizophrenia self-help, supportive services, and therapy is the most effective approach.

The earlier you catch schizophrenia and begin treatment with an experienced mental health professional, the better your chances of getting and staying well. Successful schizophrenia treatment depends on a combination of factors. Medication alone is not enough. It’s important to also educate yourself about the illness, communicate with your doctors and therapists, build a strong support system, take self-help measures, and stick to your treatment plan. Pursuing self-help strategies such as changing your diet, relieving stress, and seeking social support may not seem like effective tools to manage such a challenging disorder as schizophrenia, but they can have a profound effect on the frequency and severity of symptoms, improve the way you feel, and increase your self-esteem. And the more you help yourself, the less hopeless and helpless you’ll feel, and the more likely your doctor will be able to reduce your dose of medication. While schizophrenia treatment should be individualised to your specific needs, you should always have a voice in the treatment process and your needs and concerns should be respected. Treatment works best when you, your family, and your medical team all work together.

Your attitude towards schizophrenia treatment matters, here are some tips of how my attitude was when I was going through psychosis:
-Accept your diagnosis. As upsetting as a diagnosis of schizophrenia can be, resolving to take a proactive role in treatment and self-help is crucial to your recovery. That means making healthy lifestyle changes, taking prescribed medications, and attending medical and therapy appointments.
-Don’t buy into the stigma of schizophrenia. Many fears about schizophrenia are not based on reality. Take your illness seriously but don’t buy into the myth that you can’t improve. Associate with people who see beyond your diagnosis, to the person you really are.
-Communicate with your doctor. Help your doctor ensure you’re getting the right type and dose of medication. Be honest and upfront about side effects, concerns, and other treatment issues.
-Pursue self-help and therapy that helps you manage symptoms. Don’t rely on medication alone. Self-help strategies can help you to manage symptoms and regain a sense of control over your health and well-being. Supportive therapy can teach you how to challenge delusional beliefs, ignore voices in your head, protect against relapse, and motivate yourself to persevere with treatment and self-help.
-Set and work toward life goals. Having schizophrenia doesn’t mean you can’t work, have relationships, or experience a fulfilling life. Set meaningful life goals for yourself beyond your illness.

Also, you can get active to manage symptoms of schizophrenia for example exercising. If you’re experiencing a psychotic episode, getting physically active is something you can do right now to improve your focus, relieve stress, give you more energy, help you sleep, and make you feel calmer. Find a physical activity you enjoy and aim for 30 minutes of movement on most days. If it’s easier, three 10-minute sessions can be just as effective. Rhythmic exercise that engages both your arms and legs, such as walking, running, swimming, or dancing, can be especially effective at calming your nervous system. Instead of focusing on your thoughts, try to focus on how your body feels as you move-how your feet hit the ground, for example, the rhythm of your breathing, or the feeling of the wind on your skin.

Connecting face-to-face with others is the most effective way to calm your nervous system and relieve stress. Since stress can trigger psychosis and make the symptoms of schizophrenia worse, keeping it under control is extremely important. Find someone you can connect with face to face on a regular basis—someone you can talk to for an uninterrupted period of time who will listen to you without judging, criticising, or continually becoming distracted.
As well as helping to relieve stress, having the support of others can make a huge difference in the outlook for schizophrenia. When people who care about you are involved in your treatment, you’re more likely to achieve independence and avoid relapse.
Find a supportive living environment. People with schizophrenia often function best when they’re able to remain at home, surrounded by supportive family members. If that’s not a viable option for you, many communities offer residential and treatment facilities. Look for a living environment that is stable, makes you feel safe, and will enable you to follow your treatment and self-help plans.
Take advantage of support services in your area. Ask your doctor or therapist about services available in your area or contact hospitals and mental health clinics.

Managing stress is really important when you are going through schizophrenia. The day-to-day stress of living with a challenging emotional disorder such as schizophrenia can be draining. High levels of stress also increase the body’s production of the hormone cortisol, which may trigger psychotic episodes. As well as exercising and staying socially connected, there are plenty of steps you can take to reduce your stress levels:
-Know your limits, both at home and at work or school. Don’t take on more than you can handle and take time for yourself if you feel overwhelmed.
-Use relaxation techniques to relieve stress. Techniques such as mindfulness meditation, deep breathing, or progressive muscle relaxation can put the brakes on stress and bring your mind and body back into a state of balance.
-Manage your emotions. Understanding and accepting emotions—especially those unpleasant ones most of us try to ignore—can make a huge difference in your ability to manage stress, balance your moods, and maintain control of your life.

Taking care of yourself is extremely important too. Making simple lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on the way you feel as well as your symptoms.
Try to get plenty of sleep. When you’re on medication, you most likely need even more sleep than the standard 8 hours. Many people with schizophrenia have trouble with sleep, but getting regular exercise, reducing sugar in your diet, and avoiding caffeine can help.
Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Eating regular, nutritious meals can help avoid psychosis and other schizophrenia symptoms brought on by substantial changes in blood sugar levels. Minimise sugar and refined carbs, foods that quickly lead to a crash in mood and energy. Boost your intake of omega-3 fatty acids from fatty fish, fish oil, walnuts, and flaxseeds to help improve focus, banish fatigue, and balance your moods.

If you’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia, you will almost certainly be offered psychiatric medication. It’s important to understand that medication is just one component of schizophrenia treatment. Medication reduces psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, and disordered thinking.
Schizophrenia medication can have very unpleasant side effects such as drowsiness, lack of energy, uncontrollable movements, weight gain, and sexual dysfunction. Your quality of life is important, so talk to your doctor if you’re bothered by side effects.

I really hope this helps!.

5. @lovemimoon reply to "Fathers Day Ranting/ Letters"
Hey Dad,

It's been... what? 12 years? Since you've passed away. And honestly, it's been weird. Things have been weird. I forgot your birthday this year and my mum was really upset. "How could you forget your dad's birthday?" she said. To be fair, we rarely celebrate it since you passed. Mum rarely talks about you and the only thing that's left of you in this physical realm are your pictures, currently tucked away in a basement.

There's a saying: Your loved ones are always watching you from above. So if you are watching us then you can see how things have been since you've passed. Mum, K and Z are doing just fine, they have things going down in their lives but I'm a fucking trainwreck.
Mum once said that if you were alive, you wouldn't look at me the same way. I didn't understand it at first but now I see why. I see the mistakes, the horrible shitty actions I've done, the trail of blood I've left behind. It's a surprise Mum hasn't disowned me.
Words can't really describe how sorry I am but you know that, don't you?

Right, I'm rambling. I have a lot of questions. What were you like? Mum said I'm the embodiment of you: we have heads of a goat, we make friends everywhere we go, we are stupidly selfless - always putting people's needs before ours (and potentially sacrificing our own needs in the process but we don't talk about that). Man, you were so popular at certain places, Mum would be instantly greeted with hugs the moment she stepped in. Similar to what happened at my schools! :joy: If I was like you then did you suffer from a mental illness too? I know you've lived a hard life. I remember you smiling and laughing away, whilst cancer was devouring you. You were in so much pain. Mum said that you did it for us, so our memories of you wouldn't be so bleak. Looking back at it now, your smile was so convincing; like it was just a rough patch. It makes me wonder how much practice it took before people were convinced you were fine. Guess that's something we have in common too.
Mum said you were mentally fine. She also said the same thing about me and look where I am now. Oops.

Mum's mad at you for leaving us the fashion you did. That doesn't mean she hates you though! She's mad and upset but she's hurt. Because she lost her best friend, her rock. No one hasn't really settled in with your loss. We're still working through it. I didn't understand why you left the way that you did until now. When I was at the hospital. I think I experienced what you went through and I understood why you thought it was the better choice. There was a chance for you to be saved, but your selflessness kicked in. I can see why Mum's mad at you to this day. Personally, it was pretty stupid of you to do that but that comes with the package, right? :joy: There's a difference: we care about the people we love but I'm willing to push people away to prevent getting hurt. You push through it. And I love you for that. And I wish I was as strong as you.

That's all I have for now.
Though, I don't remember you as much, I miss you.
I wish you were here so I can see that smile again. A genuine one this time.
I love you.

6. @lovemimoon , @LorryTruck and @zaynab_5 thread "What unusual facts do you know?"
So @LorryTruck , @zaynab_5 and I were sharing unusual facts and we wanted to spread it to you guys! :joy:

So, fellow Mixlorians! What unusual facts do you know??

I recently learned that your poo (yes, you read that right) is connected to your mental health!

  • If you're suffering from runny and/or 'explosive' diarrhoea, it might be an indication of inflammation within your gut! Those inflammatory markers can be affecting your brain.
  • Diarrheoa: - there's a risk of nutrient malabsorption because your body might be struggling to absorb the nutrients from your food. Nutrient deficiencies are hugely linked to mental health problems like depression
  • "Poo-phoria" - occurs when your bowel movement stimulates the vagus nerve, which runs from your brainstem to your colon. This nerve can give you the chills and drop your heart rate and blood pressure enough to cause you to feel lightheaded and super-relaxed! Explaining why you might feel good after passing number 2! :joy:

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@lovemimoon - Fathers Day Ranting/ Letters
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@lovemimoon, @LorryTruck and @zaynab_5 - What unusual facts do you know?
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    DancerDancer Community Champion Posts: 7,923 Master Poster
    @lovemimoon - Fathers Day Ranting/ Letters
    It was hard to choose because they are all so amazing.
    Ps: Great meme addition @ren0420
    "There's a part of me I can't get back. A little girl grew up too fast. All it took was once. I'll never be the same." ~ Demi Lovato
    "The way that I have found the light in my life is through the expressive arts because I know that I will be accepted for the way I am." ~ Me
    "I'm going to get strong again and see you soon. " ~ Anonymous 
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    lovemimoonlovemimoon Posts: 2,318 Boards Champion
    @zaynab_5 - Paranoia and Schizophrenia
    Ooh love these posts already!

    It's a difficult one though cos they're freaking amazing. :confounded:
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    Emma_Emma_ Community Manager Posts: 601 Incredible Poster
    Two days left to vote! Get them in quick 😛
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    GreenTeaGreenTea Posts: 12,938 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    @lovemimoon - Fathers Day Ranting/ Letters
    Some good posts here. Well done all
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    JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 5,348 Part of The Furniture
    Thanks for voting everyone! We also had one more vote that couldn't be submitted due to a tech issue, and taking that into account we have a tie between @lovemimoon and @zaynab_5!

    Badges have been awarded and the boards announcement has been updated. :) Well done guys.
    The truth resists simplicity.
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    Past UserPast User Definition of a mental mess and a certified lost cause :) EnglandPosts: 0 Just got here
    @lovemimoon, @LorryTruck and @zaynab_5 - What unusual facts do you know?
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    Don't forget to nominate posts for Post of the Month for July and August! We'll be creating a poll next week :)
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    Anch0r33Anch0r33 Posts: 1,201 Wise Owl
    @lovemimoon - Fathers Day Ranting/ Letters
    Little late to the party but I choked up reading that again @lovemimoon hope you're doing okay <3
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    lovemimoonlovemimoon Posts: 2,318 Boards Champion
    @zaynab_5 - Paranoia and Schizophrenia
    Hi @Anch0r33
    It's all good!
    I choked up reading that again
    I'm sorry about that :sweat_smile:

    I hope you're doing okay too! It's been a while! :3<3
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    JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 5,348 Part of The Furniture
    Another nudge to get your nominations in folks! Not many so far - keen to get a few more before we vote on the next batch. We might merge July and August to make sure we have enough. :)
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