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Tw: 10 yes ago

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10 years ago today I got sexually assaulted, tied up and left for dead until the following morning, Nd every year I had the same feeling of uneasy. I felt like I haven't grew, I didn't tell any1 coz tht my pc got taken. I felt suicidal every yr. Tonight I have a group seminar and a lady keeps going on about having suicidal thoughts every week and it's quite annoying. Shall I just scream at her and tell her wats it's really like n how I feel?


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    Hey Ellie,

    I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you 10 years ago, anniversaries of negative experiences are always difficult, I can hear why you're struggling so much.

    I'm glad that you have a group seminar today, it might be healthy to talk about your feelings and how you're feeling suicidal. Your safety is important, do you have anyone else you could talk to in the meantime such as a family member or a friend?

    How do you think you're able to keep yourself safe today? perhaps you could do something you enjoy like watching a comfort movie or listening to music? anything to keep your mind off of the negative thoughts.

    In terms of the lady who talks about her suicidal thoughts every week, I can hear why this might feel annoying for you. It's difficult when we think people aren't understanding how we're feeling... however, I'd encourage you to try and put yourself into her shoes for a wee second, how would you feel if you were talking about how you're hurting and then someone screamed at you? I don't imagine that would be a very nice feeling and it certainly wouldn't do anything to help those already quite heavy thoughts.

    Perhaps instead you could relate to her, explain that you're feeling similar, and then use that as your opportunity to talk about how you're really feeling?

    I can really hear how frustrated you're feeling but I don't think screaming at anyone is a healthy way to discuss our thoughts, especially when you're around others who are hurting and are in the same sorta boat as you, you know?

    Good luck tonight pal, i hope it goes well!

  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 1,198 Wise Owl
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    After 1 Wednesday I wanted to die tht Thursday and Friday coz it brought back feelings. After she spoke to much and at the beginning we weren't supposed to share coz we had a different teacher, it was just learning sets and discussions
  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 1,198 Wise Owl
    On top of that I was being abused by organisations run by the church. This wen I went out accidently running into trouble
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