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I’m ugly

WookieBoy39WookieBoy39 Posts: 92 Budding Regular
I hate the way I look


  • hcg123hcg123 Posts: 5 Confirmed not a robot
    I have struggled with hating my appearance and feel like it’s something that I will never fully come to terms with, but over the past few years I have found some really useful ways of dealing with these feelings. If you use social media, try to unfollow people that make you feel bad about yourself (eg I unfollowed all models) and follow accounts that inspire you. This seems trivial but honestly is one of the biggest things that has made a difference for me. Another thing I try to remember is that beauty is subjective, and that being yourself / trying to focus more on your character and being a good person than your appearance is the most beautiful thing you can do and will make you glow from the inside out ✨
  • Gemma1Gemma1 Posts: 123 The Mix Convert
    Hi @WookieBoy39
    It's awful feeling you hate the way you look but you're not alone, a lot of people struggle with feeling this way. Sometimes it helps to start small with things that you do like about yourself, either writing them down or saying them to a mirror can help - even the smallest thing, doesn't necessarily need to be physical either. As @hcg123 says, it's important to focus on your character as well and how you feel about that.

    I also agree with @hcg123 that who you follow on social media, if you have it, can be really important with this. I have done the same and unfollowed a lot of people that I found I was comparing myself too in a negative way, either physically or their life generally. It has been a lot more inspiring to follow people who are more body positive which has helped me embrace my own.

    You're strong for reaching out and we're all here for you.
  • GriffinhartwoGriffinhartwo Posts: 10 Settling in
    I get really self conscious about my hair. But then I realise that people will think whatever they want to and if they're not happy with themselves they'll be mean to others.

    It's okay not being happy with how you look but sometimes it's your mind playing tricks on you.

    Be happy in yourself, you are unique and you are a beautiful creation of God
  • SkyeSkye Posts: 103 The Mix Convert
    *clap clap* ok so if you feel ugly then repeat this
    "I want to be pretty in my own eyes, not in anyone else's, just my own. I do not care if I am hideous, ugly, or replusive to your eyes, I just want to be happy and accepting for what I am, for whom I am. I just want to love me even if no one else will. I want to fall in love with myself because I cannot love another fully until I love myself unconditionally"

    Love and accept yourself and others will follow suit. And remember how you look doesn't always matter <3
    Won't you come over and watch the stars with me?

  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 1,054 Wise Owl
    Wow, I absolutely love that @Skye! I would love to echo what Skye has said - so so true :heart:
  • SkyeSkye Posts: 103 The Mix Convert
    Yes exactly love yourself or else I'll have to whip out the Love Yourself Hammer™ and you don't wanna have that happen
    Won't you come over and watch the stars with me?

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