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Group Chat Schedule 9th-15th November

ConnorConnor Deactivated Posts: 508 Incredible Poster
What's going on everyone?

Here is the group chat schedule for this week!

Monday 9th
General Chat
Support Chat

Tuesday 10th
General Chat
Support Chat
Support Circle

Wednesday 11th
General Chat
Support Chat

Thursday 12th
General Chat
Support Chat

Friday 13th
General Chat
Support Chat
Young Carer's Chat

Saturday 14th
General Chat
Support Chat

Sunday 15th
General Chat
Support Chat

Here is the info about each type of chat:

Support Chat (8-9.30pm): A place to talk about anything on your mind in a safe, supportive environment.

General Chat (8.9.30pm): A place for more light-hearted chat about pretty much anything be it TV, music, the weather, that hilarious video you saw on YouTube etc. 

Support Circle (7.55-9.30pm): Support Circle is a Support Chat of no more than 4 people seeking support, where everyone takes it in turns to share while the rest of the group listens. We have places for people who want to come and get support or attend as listeners. You can sign-up here.

Young Carers Chat (8-9:30pm): These work the same way as a Support Chat, only the space is just for young carers. If you're either a young carer or young adult carer, feel free to drop on by. If you think you're one of these, also turn up too to see what you think!


New to the community? Go here to find all the info you'll need about group chat.

You can find the 'join' links on this page once the sessions open. When you click 'join' for a session, you'll be taken through to our lobby area, from which you can access all the open rooms.


  • JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 4,950 The Mix Elder
    Just a heads up that we may need to close Support Chat tonight. It's not set in stone, but if you get to group chat and there's only General Chat and Young Carer's - that's why. :)

    Aware this isn't ideal, though it may be a nice chance for those of you who usually go to SC to enjoy GC without having to choose between the two. @Laine and @Aidan are great hosts!

    :star:    :star:    :star:   
    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.
  • LaineLaine Deactivated Posts: 2,762 Boards Guru
    Just an update that SC has had to be cancelled this evening :)

    🌈Positive thoughts🌈

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