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Group Chat: Everything you need to know

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Got an hour or two to kill? Want to get something off your chest? If you're inspired by the latest film release, would like some advice, or just in need of a good old rant about your day, come and join The Mix Group Chat.

What is group chat?
There are two main types of group chats on The Mix - Support Chat and General Chat (usually referred to as SC and GC). Support Chat is a place to give and get support from the group about anything on your mind, and General is a space to relax and have some fun.

Additionally, there are Support Circles every Tuesday. These sessions are a bit like Support Chat, but instead of everyone talking when they want to, each member of the group gets a specific amount of time to talk while everyone else listens and supports (a bit like how you might picture an AA meeting). These sessions usually have around five people, and you can sign-up to the next one here.

We sometimes run expert Q&As on certain topics, workshops, or other one-off sessions. Keep an eye on this forum to find out about those - they're usually announced at least a week in advance.

When is group chat open?
Group chats generally happen from 8-9:30pm Sunday - Thursday and are open to anyone aged 13-25. You can find 'join' buttons for open rooms on this page, as well the schedule for the next two weeks. We post announcements in this forum every day to say what sessions are running that evening.

Are group chats moderated?
All sessions will have at least one moderator to help make sure things run smoothly. They're not expert advisers, and most of the support will come from the other community members in the space. Read this post to read more about the role of moderators in group chat.

What are the rules?
It's important to be aware of the chat guidelines before entering the chat room. These guidelines will help you get the most out of group chat, explain how everything works, and clarify what you can talk about.

Moderators have the ability to freeze or kick people who do not follow these guidelines. Freezing is basically a timeout (you can't send messages for a few minutes) and a kick will remove you from the session for that night.

If you're finding it hard to be around a particular member of the chat, you can mute them by hovering over their name and clicking the little sound icon. This means you won't see their messages. If you do this, please don't announce it as it can make people uncomfortable and cause speculation. Likewise, if you think someone has muted you, don't comment on it - it's not personal. Sometimes we all need to avoid certain conversation topics for our own wellbeing.

Can I give feedback about group chat?
Yes! We love feedback and it really helps make sure we're delivering the best service we can. You can give us feedback about group chat here. If you need to vent about something that happened in a session, you can do that here.

There is a guide on how to use group chat attached to this thread. If you're still unsure of something after giving that a read, feel free to ask the moderators in the chat or comment below. :) 

We're @Aife@Mike, @Italia and @Ed_ - the staff team here at The Mix. We don't provide support via this account, but if you have any questions about the boards or need a hand finding your way around, feel free to drop us a message. Alternatively, you can head over to the Help Desk.
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