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sensitive topic about my parents being racist

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Warning, not a nice discussion and not meaning to offend anyone 

I have disagreements with my parents about these topics and more often then not it leads into an argument if I speak up about it. 

 I'll just mention the main points, they don't like muslims or Pakistan people or anyone who looks like them (they say they're all terrorists and that we should get rid of them) and they don't want anymore refugees coming to the UK.

I hate this, it boils my blood, being a Muslim does not mean you are a terrorist.  

My step mum talks about the calling and if the Muslims get the calling they will drop everything and do whatever they need to do, like kill, bomb, attack etc

I try to have a reasonable conversations with them and understand why they think like this, I sometimes start with saying maybe they're not all the same. My parents don't like this, they say I need to go educate myself, they get angry and defensive and apparently I know nothing of the world, (I start to believe it).

What also annoys me is that they group all the same skin colour to being Muslims and slag them off, yet they have no idea who the person actually is and skin colour doesn't even matter, anyone can be or not be a Muslim.  

They also have an issue with too many black people on tv because apparently it's pc gone crazy and they make ew noises when two people of the same sex kiss in an advert. 

I'm sick of hearing it and to be honest a little worried because their views/voices are in my mind and I don't want to be thinking like they do but very slowly I notice myself look at someone who could be a Muslim and think they are one, but why should that matter, they're a human, I shouldn't be thinking if they're muslim or not cos who cares, when I see other people I don't think oh are they Christian or Jewish etc.  

When I hear my parents talk about this, I feel like screaming at them, of course I don't but they're so small minded and stupid, we're all allowed our opinions but theirs are horrible.     

They also don't think they are racist

I'm just tired of it and the negativity 
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