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Struggling with lockdown

AuroraAurora Part of the furniturePosts: 11,718 Part of the furniture
Hey guys, 

Hope you're all doing okay. Haven't posted in a while so thought I'd give y'all a bit of an update and ask for some support. 

I'm really struggling with this lockdown, Im currently not in work and I was recently discharged from hospital after spending over a year in their and to be discharged into this lockdown makes things even harder. I'm struggling to occupy my time and I feel as though my parents are suffocating me, they hate me going out, walking outside etc. I can't deal with this no more. 

How are you guys occupying your time? What are you doing in this lockdown? 


  • DistractionDistraction Posts: 211 The Mix convert
    Hi @Aurora

    I couldn't imagine coming out into this, must be tough and going out for walks is healthy and good for us, if you don't mind me asking why do they hate you going out? 

    I just finished a big bit of course work, I'm still a little behind so most of my time I'm stressing over or doing that lol, but I really want to learn to read sheet music so I can play the violin, what about a new hobby, try something you haven't had the time to try before maybe? baking, knitting, gardening, story writing, learn about starts, anything?! 

    Other then that it's Netflix and sleeping  haha
  • AuroraAurora Part of the furniture Posts: 11,718 Part of the furniture
    Thanks for the quick reply @Distraction

    My parents worry  a lot, I think their just scared something bad might happen when I go on a walk. I go shopping with my dad a lot though, which gets me out the house. 

    Theirs some booklets I could be getting on with, but finding the motivation to do them is tricky, Im on the clopixol depot which makes my visition blurred so concentracting is hard, I've been trying to pursuade the doctor to take me off it, not only that it makes me so slow and makes me gain weight which I hate. 

    I might try learning to knit or something, you can get starter packs in magazines and stuff, sounds like a plan.
  • DistractionDistraction Posts: 211 The Mix convert
    edited May 22
    That's good you can get out and nice to spend time with your dad, but it's nice to have our own space as well  <3

    I hope your doing alright and the doctor can help you out with it, I feel like when I have a lot to do, I get more done, so having this spare time kinda just rolls into one big day and before you know it a weeks gone by haha,

    Thats fab!I hope you enjoy, at the very least you can say you tried it, those start magazines are perfect, I tried a form of knitting with them, well it was something like a needle and thread but I made a dog, 

    if the knitting doesn't work just come back here and we'll try find something else  and I'm others will have some good ideas <3
  • coc0maccoc0mac Posts: 367 Rampant Poster
    Hi @Aurora,

    There's a thread over in the COVID-19 boards all about distractions to keep you busy https://community.themix.org.uk/discussion/3596230/self-isolation-distractions#latest. Perhaps that would be fun to check out :smile:

    Knitting sounds like a good idea! I know that some people find it very therapeutic. I tried sewing the other day. I ordered some Disney patches online and then sewed them onto a jacket - it was great fun and kept me busy for hours, so that could be an idea too!

    Tale care :heart:

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