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Alphabet Workout Challenge

Kasa2103Kasa2103 This Is Me! ❤👅👌🤓💃🎤South EastPosts: 3,153 Ultimate Poster
Hello Mixlorians!

I hope that you are all doing okay although things are really hard mentally and (and probably also physically) during this period of time.

Today I discovered an Alphabet Workout Challenge. You find the letters of your full name in the Alphabet and you have to do the exercises that it says.

And if your name has multiple of the same letter (such as Anna- just using a random example) then you would have to do the exercise twice (or whoever many times a letter comes up in your name.) Because I do not want to share personal information, I am just going to say that mine involves a lot of push ups and sit ups as well as some other stuff.

A: 10 burpees (no burping)
B: 1 minute plank
C: 20 high knees
D: 10 mountain climbers
E: 15 lunges
F: 20 crunches (no eating Crunchies)
G: 30 second raised leg plank on each leg
H: 20 mountain climbers
I: 15 squats
J: 10 tricep dips
K: 20 push ups (no cheating)
L: 1 minute wall sit (no sitting on walls)
M: 15 squats (yes some exercises are across multiple letters)
N: 20 burpees
O: 15 push ups
P: 10 jump squats
Q: 30 second side plank on each side
R: 45 second wall sit
S: 15 sumo squats
T: 15 burpees
U: 20 jumping jacks
V: 30 high knees
W: 15 tricep dips
X: 2 minute wall sit
Y: 15 crunches
Z: 20 burpees

And if you do not know how to do any of the exercises search it up on YouTube because I am not getting photos of me doing it. Firstly, I am really ugly and also, I am camera shy. 

Feel free to share what you have to do (but only share your first name side of it on here due to confidentiality and privacy.)

I have some examples of what the staff team that form the @The Mix account would have to do. But it will be in a spoiler so they do not get a heart attack from the shock. BTW I will only do their first name as examples because I do not want to get into trouble.


20 high knees
15 push ups
20 burpees
20 burpees
15 push ups
45 second wall sit
@Ed_ ( and no you do not have it easy because you have to do your full name.)

15 lunges
10 mountain climbers


15 squats
15 burpees
10 burpees
1 minute wall sit
15 squats
10 burpees 

15 squats
15 squats
20 push ups
15 lunges

I'm sick of covering up. I'm tired of feeling so broken.  I'm tired of falling in love. Sometimes I'm shy and I'm anxious. Sometimes I'm down on my knees. So I won't wear makeup on Thursday. Cause who I am is enough. And there are many things that I could change so slightly. But why would I succumb to something so unlike me? I was always taught to just be myself. Don't change for anyone.


  • mags98mags98 Posts: 239 Moderator
    Great challenge! Might give it a go tomorrow

    Really wish A wasn't burpees I really hate them =)
  • JamJarJamJar Posts: 166 Super Moderator
    Heyyy @Kasa2103 absolutely love this thread! Lockdown workouts are super important for our mental health :) 

    A really great challenge I've come across is called the Bring Sally Up challenge. It's a challenge either to improve your press-up strength or squat strength. I'm doing the press-up version at the moment and it's tough but so satisfying to see yourself improve! 

    In case anyone's interested here's a link to show what the challenge consists of: 

    Happy exercising everyone! 💪
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