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Am I going mad? - The Mix

SystemSystem Posts: 8,619 Staff Moderation Team
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imageAm I going mad? - The Mix

Feel like you're going mad? Is everything just too much? The Mix is here to work out what's going on with you.

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  • Ashhy_AshhyAshhy_Ashhy Posts: 1 Noob
    i feel like my friends hate me, because they get mad at everything i say. Is it my fault?
  • MaisyMaisy The Mix convert CymruPosts: 269 Moderator

    Hey @Ashhy_Ashhy


    I’m sorry to hear that you feel your friends hate you because they seem to get mad at everything you say. Unless you are saying something offensive, chances are, how your friends react to what you say is more about them than you. So it may not be entirely your fault!


    Miscommunications can happen as well, so there’s also the chance that your friends might be interpreting what you say differently than what you actually mean. That’s no-one’s fault, but if you think it might help, you can try to apologise and re-word what you said and hopefully your friends will understand.


    It’s also good to talk about how you feel. Do your friends know that when they react to something you’ve said, that you feel upset? It might help to talk to them about this, though try not to put the blame on them as this may only cause them to further react. You might want to say things like ‘I feel upset when I say something and you react badly to what I say’. If they are good friends, they should be willing to apologise and try to talk through the situation with you. For more information on confronting your friends, feel free to check out this article: https://www.themix.org.uk/sex-and-relationships/friendship/how-to-confront-a-friend-3318.html


    However, sometimes, when people who we think are friends react negatively a lot when we talk, it may turn out they aren’t such good friends after all. It may even be that your friends could be jealous https://www.themix.org.uk/sex-and-relationships/friendship/jealous-friends-3406.html or that they are ‘only joking’/ having a bit of banter but in fact, could be bullying: https://www.themix.org.uk/sex-and-relationships/friendship/bored-of-banter-when-banter-turns-to-bullying-31041.html If this is the case for you, then it may be worth spending less time around them and investing more in other friends.


    Hope this helps a bit. Feel free to continue reaching out the rest of the community on the discussion boards: https://community.themix.org.uk/ or speaking to our team directly: https://www.themix.org.uk/get-support/speak-to-our-team


    Take care <3

  • I feel like in going insane, like i keep hiving theese impulsive thoughts to hurt myself or someone else. I keep living throught theese fantasy type things in my head, and its taking over my life. Like one minute in sitting and watching tv, the next minute im thinking about myself commiting arson, and the worst thing is that theese desires are getting stronger and more detailed. Aside from that i cant tell if i want to cry or bash someones head in. Sure when im sad..its painfull but when im numb its even worse, thats when i want to cause harm.
  • Hey @Choking_On_Flowers

    I'm sorry that you are getting these impulsive thoughts. If I were you, I would talk to a friend or a family member I trust or maybe even a specialist. Find a way to keep yourself calm and relaxed. You must also try your your hardest to not complete these desires because you could badly injure yourself or another person. I want to say that I am no expert. I am just a person who wants to help others. I truly hope that you find a way to control these thoughts and bring yourself to peace. @Maisy seems like they would know more than me on this topic though, but they did put a link for their community discussion and a link to talk to their team directly in a post above. I hope that you find you inner peace and get to a calm state of mind. I want you to know that their are people who care about you and want to help. I hope this helps you and I will be praying you everyday.

    Take care ❤️
  • AngelAngel Posts: 19 Fast Newbie
    i know how you feel, i have ASD and i get sensory overload when things get too much for me, does anyone have any advice how i can calm down when i am overloaded?
  • MikeMike Unapologetic dork LondonPosts: 2,330 Staff Moderator
    edited May 2
    Such a lovely comment @FriendlyAreaSpidermn. 10/10 account branding as well.

    Any chance we'll see you webbing around here again? ;)
    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.

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  • MikeMike Unapologetic dork LondonPosts: 2,330 Staff Moderator
    Angel said:
    i know how you feel, i have ASD and i get sensory overload when things get too much for me, does anyone have any advice how i can calm down when i am overloaded?
    I hope some people can get back to you here @angel with some experience and advice. :)

    If it's helpful, there's an online community (a bit like ours) called Wrong Planet. It's a support community for autistic folks and they might have some good tips for you: https://wrongplanet.net/forums/
    All behaviour is a need trying to be met.

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  • MaisyMaisy The Mix convert CymruPosts: 269 Moderator

    Hey @Angel


    I’m not diagnosed with ASD but it is something I am interested in.


    It might help to figure out what particular sensory difficulties you have. For example, if strong light is difficult for you, then going to places with natural lighting may help or wearing sunglasses if you can’t change the lighting may also help. If you struggle with noisy environments, then using headphones might also help.


    If you feel overwhelmed, then it may be good to safely leave the situation (if possible) and go somewhere where you can calm down. This might mean arranging with teachers or parents about possible places you can go to when you feel overwhelmed e.g. if you are at school, maybe there is a designated area that you can go to when you feel overwhelmed or if you are at home, then maybe you can go to a particular area of the house. I don’t know what a sensory overload feels like for you, but I know that when I’ve struggled with anxiety or just not feeling too good, it can help to do some deep breathing exercises and try to challenge any negative thoughts I have, as well as resting and doing things I enjoy like watching a film.


    The National Autistic Society has a page dedicated to sensory difficulties that you might want to check out https://www.autism.org.uk/about/behaviour/sensory-world.aspx  I also agree with @Mike in checking out the wrongplanet forum too.


    Hope this helps a bit and that others can help you too <3

  • tryhftghhfhjtytryhftghhfhjty Posts: 1 Noob
    I think I am insane, a few months ago I woke up one night and just walked outside, it was mid winter and it had just rained but I didn't seem to care. I walked around the block with only some pants on and I started whispered things (I don't even remember what they were about). Ever since then whenever I go anywhere at night I always think that I am being followed. I start seeing things that aren't even there and I start panicking. I don't know what to do and I don't want to talk to anybody because I am scared that they will throw me into a insane asylum. Any advice?
  • MaisyMaisy The Mix convert CymruPosts: 269 Moderator

     Hi @tryhftghhfhjty


    You aren’t insane. It’s easy to think that when we experience concerning symptoms that we are ‘insane’ but having experienced symptoms or even having a diagnosable mental health condition does not mean that you are insane.


    We can’t diagnose you over the internet (and we aren’t professionals anyway) but has there been anything happening in your life recently that might have caused you to experience this, for example, a stressful life event? Sometimes when we experience stress, we may struggle with our mental health. Other times there might not necessarily be a cause. But it’s still important to talk to someone about what you are experiencing. Many mental illness can be treated and managed with a mixture of therapy, medications and life style changes. Unless you are a danger to yourself or others, it’s unlikely that you would be sectioned in a mental health unit. And even if you were sectioned, it’s only in your best interests so that professionals can help diagnose and treat your symptoms so that you can go on to live your life without the symptoms getting in the way.


    As the article suggests, try to get enough sleep, exercise, keeping yourself fed and hydrated, avoid drugs and talk to someone you trust. You may then want to talk to your GP too. It can be scary opening up but worth it when you get the help you need.


    If you are in the UK, and under 25, you may want to continue reaching out to us for support on our forums https://community.themix.org.uk/ or talk to our team directly https://www.themix.org.uk/get-support/speak-to-our-team for one-to-one support.


    Take care <3

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