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Gender issue

ValerialettoValerialetto Posts: 73 Miniposter
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Hello guys,

I really want to know your opinion and to talk about gender issues cause it seems that in Europe there are some really serious society changes connected with transgender people.I’m very tolerant to all the people and I hope my thread won’t hurt anyone. I just wanted to tell that on that beautiful moment when woman gives birth to a child, doctor says «it’s a boy» or «it’s a girl» and not « it’s transgender», cause our gender is something we are gifted biologically by nature and not something that comes up 13 years later. I’m sorry again if it’s unpleasant for someone here, but I guess this issue influences our society strongly and we need to be really attentive to this changes and I just wanted to know your opinion about that.

You also can find an article attached on this topic

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  • PoppyBPoppyB Posts: 56 Moderator
    Hi @Valerialetto I've moved your post over to the Gender and Sexuality section so hopefully you will get more targeted responses from users here :)

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to open the link you posted, would you be able to post another one?
  • davcr0ckdavcr0ck South Oxfordshire (homophobic Oxfordshire) Posts: 736 Incredible Poster
    PoppyB said:
    Hi @Valerialetto I've moved your post over to the Gender and Sexuality section so hopefully you will get more targeted responses from users here :)

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to open the link you posted, would you be able to post another one?
    I've just looked at the link @Valerialetto posted and theirs just one small thing, you just put too many https,if one of the mods just edits the post and add in this link
    Then that should work  
    Love is love and everyone is accepting and can share their issues with no judge from me and I try to help 
  • MikeMike Posts: 1,713 Staff Moderator
    edited October 12
    Firstly, it's okay to express controversial opinions @Valerialetto. As long as you're civil, you're all good. :)

    I can't read the full article as it requires signing up, but the way it's written (and the way you've talked about your own views) makes me think there might be some base-level misunderstandings about what gender actually is, as well as the nature of transitioning and being trans.

    For example, you mentioned the moment a baby is born and the doctor saying 'it's a boy' or 'it's a girl'. This is declared purely according to the physical body (well, just the genitals really), meaning it's actually a declaration of sex rather than gender*. Gender is a lot harder to define, and generally is seen by experts (e.g. sociologists) as a social construct instilled in people as they develop, rather than being attributed to anything biological.

    As a thought exercise, it might be interesting to consider how differently your personality might have evolved through your life if we lived in a world where gender wasn't recognised. Obviously biological differences would still be there, but (for example) would dresses be seen as a girl thing? Would action figures be seen as a boy thing? Would you act, dress and talk the way you do if you weren't raised with the expectations and ideals that society placed on you?

    There's a lot to unravel with this and, admittedly, it's difficult to disentangle aspects of gender from other parts of people and society when you start getting really granular. But I think it's quite important to really consider the difference between gender and sex, and the way society does naturally like to package people up according to fairly arbitrary criteria.

    *As an aside, even sex is a difficult to thing to pin down. There is far more variation between the two traditionally identified sexes than people tend to realise - we've just established 'male' and 'female' as convenient boxes, really. I would link to a resource on this but I don't know a super reliable one off the top of my head, and this is a concept I'm still trying to get my head around too.

    Would be interesting to know what you think on the above points. I'm coming at this from a cishet perspective so it's naturally a bit of a limited take, and I'm always trying to learn and understand more myself.
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  • ValerialettoValerialetto Posts: 73 Miniposter

    Hey @Mike,

    Thank you so much for your reply, I was really looking forward somebody's answer.

    I understand what you're talking about, it's all clear and to tell the truth I didn't really think a lot  about  difference between sex and gender before your reply. The reason why I rose this issue is that , in my opinion, it brings a lot of psychological problems for teenagers and it makes me worried.

    I understand that there can be long discussions regarding meaning of gender and how to understand it correctly, but does it make sense if it brings so much problems?  Teenagers are very vulnerable, we all know these relationship problems, first sex, choice of future career, problems with parents, feeling depressed due to relations with peers etc., so they have enough on their side  :/ 
    Rising this transgender issues so openly it attracts attention of teenagers who were absolutely sure about their gender before but starting to read about all these stuff and being very suggestible (perceptive) to all new ideas they start to doubt regarding their gender and so face psychological problems right after (like that girl from The economist article). That's a pity that you can't read full version of text before signing up, but in fact if you sign up once you have 5 articles for free each month  ;)  

    @Mike you wrote "Obviously biological differences would still be there, but (for example) would dresses be seen as a girl thing?"  
    I understand your question and my answer is no. It's more about prejudices that men can't wear dresses, but wearing dress doesn't make girl out of boy anyway, so we can't define gender by cloths or make-up preferences. As I know men wore skirts in Scotland and none of them started to think that he is female in fact. Although there are no doubts that boy wearing dress nowadays will face bulling at school.

    One more article to read... girls were prohibited to wear skirts cause it can make feel uncomfortable transgender pupils. Why girls (who are girls by sex and gender) can't wear skirts? As for me it's the same if there is very beautiful girl in class and we need to make her uglier cause other pupils in class feel not comfortable with her being so beautiful  =) It's nonsense. 

    There are so much problems in our world and we create even more  :/  I'm sorry for being so emotional but this problem touches me a lot  :s

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