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Can "dismiss"/delete pinned topics but nothing else

ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 7,344 The Mix Elder
edited June 2019 in Bugs & Glitches
Would you ever change it that we can delete any topic we like - if we was to find it triggering ourselves. (Not saying i want to do that right now im just wondering if would ever be a choice)


It says "dismiss".which means delete the post from my account(?)And i think i did delete one of those pinned cause im sure there is suppose to be three pinned up there ah. (Not on purpose) 

Im just wondering why is it only an option for those posts?
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  • The MixThe Mix The Mix HQPosts: 2,524 Community Managers
    Thanks for mentioning this @Shaunie.

    So dismissing the post doesn't delete it, but un-pins it for your account. That's why you can only for announcements and not other threads. If you scroll through the forum back to when it was last updated, you should still be able to see posts you've dismissed - is that the case for you?

    This is a weird one, though, because we just did some testing and it doesn't seem to work properly. I think the way it's meant to work is you can dismiss an announcement (e.g. if it's no longer relevant for you), but in theory re-announcing it for us should pin it back to the top of the thread until you dismiss it again. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

    We're looking into it now and will update this post when we figure out how it's meant to work/whether it's bugged. :) Good spot.

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