But who’s meant to support us ?.

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Being a Young carer honestly is one of the easiest decisions I made to do but on some days makes my life a living nightmare - I’m sure other Young Carers have those days where they question why they became a carer in the first place.

Being a YC and a YAC really does take its toll on our own mental health , especially when the person or people you care for have there own mental health difficulties.

I often feel isolated because  I can’t go out with friends , being told that “ you’ve never cared for me “ when you spend Night upon night upon night sat on the bottom of the stairs making sure they don’t get to agitated or waiting for them to calm down . Anxiety leaping upon you every time you leave the house wondering if there be ok by myself and will they be ok when you get home - even if they will be there when you get home and not in hospital.

Our mental health takes a battering , we have to put on a brave race day in and day it to make sure that the loved ones we care for don’t know anything wrong.

We spend day in day out caring for others but who’s there for us when we need looking after ? :(  
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    Im sorry. That sounds like a lot of responsiblity and energy. i cant imagine how hard must be. But its okay if some days you dont feel like you want to do it. I was watching a bit about carers- i think it was on Children in need and was interesting where some said something like you dont need to feel guilty if sometimes it feels too much. And knowing feelings are valid & not alone can sometimes help. 

    & i think having your own mental illness can feel like a 24/7 job in its self let alone trying to care of someone else so its totally valid and you deserve support. I hope we can support you and Camhs and any young carer organisation. We are always here. <3

    and i hope you can also support yourself to some degree too and be kind and patient with your self aswell as those you care for. Youre doing well <3
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    Hi @Shaunie

    Thank you 💜 Yer I mean there’s nights sometimes where I just close my bedroom door and leave my dad and sometimes mum if  she’s having a good day to deal with any situations that arise during the night though I’ll only do that if I know dad has the next day off work. 

    I know I have a few days during half term next week or this week I can’t remember where I have a few hours away because I’ve got a Young Carers planning day for our conference in September and then a confidence/public speaking workshop so I suppose that’s something to look forward to. 

    I guess it just feels like I’m sorted expected to need the help during set hours of like Monday - Friday 9-5 and then during bank holidays and other times I feel like I’m left by myself Because I kinda hate to keep posting in here Because I get scared your get fed up of me and think I’m just attention seeking ahaha.

    Thank you for being so Kind when I don’t deserve it :( 
    You have a purpose.
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    Definitely sending loads of hugs Aimee!  💕

    It can be a really tough thing to do especially juggling Carering with your own stuff but I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I'm amazed and proud of what you achieve everyday!  We're all here behind you, and we'll all try our best to help as will other services x we're not getting fed up of you and you're definitely not attention seekin,  everyone deserves to get support :) 

    Sending love and hugs 💕 Give yourself a huge pat on the back x

    🌈Positive thoughts🌈 

    "I will make you believe you are lovely!" ~ TOP

    "No one else is dealing with your demons, meaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning friend" ~ TOP

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       I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I'm amazed and proud of what you achieve everyday!
    @Laine that is Honestly the most sweetest thing anyone has every said to me and it really has made my day 💜

    I guess I just have that feeling that you all do :( not saying that you do I just guess it that part of anxiety I don’t show that much.

    really thank you all for your kindness 
    You have a purpose.
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