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Discharged from CAMHS

Invisible_meInvisible_me Posts: 137 The Mix convert

Hi. So I went to CAMHS 2 weeks ago and in that appt shes discharged me from the service. She said because I'm too old and "i'm no longer that ill". She never even checked with me how I was feeling or anything and yet 2 weeks before I had to book an emergency GP appointment because I was really struggling.

SHes put me n the ADUlt mental health list but she didn't think I met the criteria (they don't deal with ASD/Anxiety) and recommended I just discharged to the GP. But booking an appt for when I need doesn't work. Trying to gp appts are a nightmare. I like to know and already have an appt booked in advance- that keeps me chugging along.

I just don't know what to do? I feel lost in the limbo? Ignored and helpless. I wasn't expecting thar from her. Expected more from her like telling me and then still booking another appt etc... Anyone got any advice? Or been though the discharge/transfer when not ready?



  • ItaliaItalia Posts: 144 Staff Moderator
    Hey @Invisible_me

    Thanks for sharing with us.  It sounds like you didn't get what you need from the appointment at all, which can be really disheartening.   

    Being transferred from a youth service to an adult service is challenging at the best of times, let alone when you feel like you haven't really been consulted or included in the decision making.   I am sure your not alone in your experience of this. 

    Also being told that your "not that ill" or don't meet the criteria for the support you feel you need, can leave people with feelings of being dismissed, and sometimes like their concerns are not valid?  Does that sound right for you? 

    Your concerns are valid, and you deserve the right support for you, even if it is tricky to get that support.  You know yourself best, and don't let this experience put you off reaching out to get some help if you feel as though you need it.    

    I know booking a GP appointment is frustrating, especially when you are trying to get one urgently.  Do you think you could book in an appointment with your GP now just to talk through your options for support, rather than waiting until you feel you really need one?   There is a good article by young minds about transiting from CAMHS to adult services.   The article talks about what you can expect from your current CAMHS worker (if you are able to see them again?), and a few questions you could ask the GP when you go. 

    Mind is also really good, they offer support and advice and may be able to tell you where you can get some further support now you have been transitioned to adult services.  Their helpline runs 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. 0300 123 3393. 

    I hope some of this helps.  This is a really difficult position to be in, so keep reach out for support here if you need.  
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    I've been transferred from CAMHS To adults. And it took months but I was lucky enough that I could see my care coordinator until It all went through. So I'm not sure about your situation but I have found that since I have been transferred I've felt  - in child services a lot of your care is their responsibility and felt I didn't have to be that pushy with them but with adults you have to be more pushy with them to get all the help you need. That is my experience anyway.  So maybe make gp Appointment  about your concerns and your struggles you are having now & that you feel you need support still. & I'm now being discharged from adult services & know that can feel lonely.
    We are here for you
    IM struggling
  • Invisible_meInvisible_me Posts: 137 The Mix convert

    Hi @Italia and @Shaunie,

    Thanks for your replies. Very helpful. I did phone up to book an GP appointment after my appointment, and it's for Friday. She's normally nice, but I think at the moment we've got different agendas- At the moment, she's more worried about getting my mum the help she should get to 'care for me' and my weight. Whereas, I don't neccersarily see my weight as a concern.

    @Italia- Thanks for the article and MIND.

    @Shaunie- Sorry to hear about this discharge, your going through. I know how lonely you feel? Do you have support?


  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 8,182 Extreme Poster
    Hey @Invisible_me

    so glad that you have an appioinment for Friday. Let us know how that goes if youd like. 
    Do you know why they see your weight as a concern? Hope you are eating well and taking care of your self. 

    And after my discharge i should be getting support from Rape crisis but i also have an appointment friday too but is with my CC to talk about after discharge. 

    Hope you are doing okay today
    IM struggling
  • Invisible_meInvisible_me Posts: 137 The Mix convert
    Hey. @Shaunie

    So I went on Friday. She was quite busy etc so she didn't really See me much but she said, she will give me a ring this week after Shes chased u up the letter and Their reasoning on this.  And then come up with a plan from there.. Hopefully she will get things sorted. 

    Hope your appt went well. 
  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 8,182 Extreme Poster
    I hope she gets things sorted out too! You Deserve support <3 let us know if she rings and what goes on - if youd like 

    IM struggling
  • Invisible_meInvisible_me Posts: 137 The Mix convert

    Hi All..

    I've still not had anything from her. And have also chased it up once. It's getting me rather upset and feel quite hopeless and lonely.  The appt was 22nd March and she said she'll call me the week after. SO 2 weeks past. What do I do???

  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 8,182 Extreme Poster
    Oh im sorry:(. Know how upsetting & lonely that can be. Is there a number you can ring ? Or maybe make another appointment with your gp to get across youre really struggling?
    IM struggling
  • Invisible_meInvisible_me Posts: 137 The Mix convert

    I called up today. Receptionist said nothing to pre-book with the 2 normal practice staff as they go on leave from Friday until end of month. She can only pre-book me in with the Nurse or locum doctors. I don't want to see the Nurse- don't feel comfortable with her and the locum doctors I don't feel is going to be helpful in my situation.

    She said if I want an appt with the usual practice staff I have too call up tomorrow morning and get a same day appt (But I can't go to an appt because I've got uni, if I don't go to uni I then get told off- Last year I attended nearly all sessions yet, I still had a meeting on my attendance and the importance of attending all the time). Only option I've got is iff I call up and say for them to give me a ring on phone and refuse to go in for appt because can't. I can't go in the evening because then I get told off from my dad for going to the doctors (When I went the GP for that appt, the palava I had to go through with him was a nightmare- not doing again).

    I feel ignored and lost. I am scared for Easter as well... As much I don't neccersarily like uni it gets me out of the house. I live under quite strict bounderies where I don't have much privacy etc... and is currently full of arguments and tension.

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