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Somebody is having sex with me!

ShadowofusShadowofus Posts: 19 Fast Newbie
edited November 2018 in Sex & Relationships
This is embarassing but I am having really wierd sexual experiances. I feel like somebody is having sex with me. I have orgasmed from it so I must enjoy it but other times I find it really distressing and really inconveniant! I heard a voice that told me they are doing it to me and they said they can control my hands and legs. I feel hypersexual like really turned on my psychiatrist told me he loved me in a secret message and I put that message on my stomach so I've got it for life because I felt really special when he told me. I guess I'm looking for advise or ideas of what I can do when I find this distressing?


  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 6,705 The Mix Elder
    edited November 2018

    this does sound confusing and distressing for you:/And can imagine you would want more control over this.

     Have you spoken to your psychiatrist about how this makes you feel? Has your psychiatrist diagnosed you with any mental illnesses? I dont want to preasumme or anything but I know that being hypersexual can be seen a sign of getting manic so was wondering if they discussed that with you? Esp if hearing vioces, they should be able to help some way

    Do you know if anything triggers these feelings for you? As maybe way to know how to limit the triggers?

    Sorry i dont really have much advice. But I think speaking to the health professionals about all this would really help you. And maybe writing down how you feel aswell
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  • Lucy307Lucy307 UKPosts: 640 Extreme Poster
    Hi @Shadowofus, sounds like you are going through a very confusing time. Is there a particular time/place this happens? If we can talk through the situations you are in when you have these experiences, maybe we could help think of a way to distract from them?

    - Lucy
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  • ShadowofusShadowofus Posts: 19 Fast Newbie
    @Shaunie (dont know how to tag people so I dont know if that has worked) no, I havent told my psychiatrist about my sexual experiances because I'm too embarassed and no I havent been diagnosed with anything yet. I dont know what triggers it.

    @Lucy307 no there isnt a paticular time or place it happens. It can just happen. 
  • Lucy307Lucy307 UKPosts: 640 Extreme Poster
    Hi @Shadowofus, if you haven't talked to your psychiatrist I think that would be the first good step- I understand it may be embarrassing but it may be a bit of a relief to tell somebody in confidence? What do you think?
    Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend
  • ShadowofusShadowofus Posts: 19 Fast Newbie
    This is such an embarasing topic! I'm seeing my psychiatrist next week so maybe 😶
  • LaineLaine Llama Mama Posts: 1,349 Fanatical Poster
    It's positive you're seeing your psychiatrist next week,  hopefully you can bring this up with them.  I know it's an embarrassing topic but they will understand :)

    Keep us posted xo

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  • Lucy307Lucy307 UKPosts: 640 Extreme Poster
    Hey @Shadowofus understand it's embarrassing to speak about but will do you the world of good to share with somebody and they aren't going to be judging you. Sending hugs and hope you are able to talk to them this week <3
    Treat yourself as you would treat a good friend
  • lovingcharlieandsexlovingcharlieandsex Posts: 8 Fast Newbie
    Hi @Shadowofus, I agree with @Lucy307 - if you haven't talked to your psychiatrist you should probably raise the subject. Yes, it might seem embarrassing to you but they will have heard worse and they are trained for many years (and paid well!) to help you through it. Bite the bullet and talk to them first. Good luck - and hugs :-)
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