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Heya, I am still just getting used to the mix, only been here for two weeks or so. I was just wondering about the PM's, I have been chatting in the support group chat and people have mentioned PM's and attempted to explain them to me. I am still confused as I haven't been able to send (or receive) any messages. I didn't know if it was because I was new? Or if theres something I need to do, but any advice would be great! Thanks :) 


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    Hiya, don’t worry about still getting used to The Mix it took me ages to get used to it when I arrived. If i remember rightly, you get pms after like 5-10 posts. I will check that one but that’s what happened with me. If you comment on a few peoples posts you should be getting that access soon. If you still can’t access them after 10 posts do ask the mods as it maybe a technical issue. 

    Pms are in the icon next to the world at the top right of the screen. It is kind of like an envelope icon, let me know if you can’t see it and I will insert a picture. 

    When you get the privilege of pms you will get a sent message thing that you can click on to make new conversations with users. I will pm you now, you should be able to do replies if you go to that icon and click on the messsge I’ve sent. 

    Hope that was helpful, have a look in the place for new people to introduce themselves that will have more information regarding pms. Let me know if you need anymore help with the or pictures taking. 

    Take Care, 

    -Lauren x
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    Hey @peachygal

    Welcome to the boards!

    @Thoughtsy is right - as a safeguard against spam, PMs are enabled after making five posts. Once you get access to them, this thread should have all the info you need for using them. Any other questions though, feel free to ask here and we'll do our best to help out. :) 

    Happy posting,
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