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Post of the month - March

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Hey everyone!

It's time to vote on the post of the month for March! Thank you for all being so supportive to everyone on the boards this month. There's been some lovely support from everyone :)

Here's the nominations:

1. @Mirabelle's post in 'Volunteering in a school'
Hey @Invisible_me

As I'll be abroad tomorrow on music business, here is my technique for relaxation.

This is a relaxation technique that I use when stressed. I particularly like the colour green; it helps relax me.

Choose a word or a phase. Example: Lake; Sea; River; Blue sky; Green fields as far as the eye can see; Twilight.

Sit quietly in a relaxing and comfortable position, close your eyes and relax your muscles. Breath slowly, repeating your focus word(s) in your mind as you exhale. If everyday thoughts intrude, let them go and return and continue this for ten to twenty minutes.

During this time ,adopt the breathing technique I shared with you earlier. I hope all this be helpful to you. :)

Wishing you all the best,

~ Belle

2. @Shaunie 's post in 'New to the site'
Welcome 👋🏻👋🏻
Even just lots of determination and belief in yourself goes v far, so I believe you can do it.
Even though it isn’t great when people are not supportive but maybe is a more of a motivator to even show them they’re wrong?

All the best!

3. @Abigail 's post in 'Need some help/advice with mum issues'
Hi @Evie93

Welcome to the mix and well done for reaching out for support.

Sorry to read that your past has been so turbulent well done for sticking with it and continuing through the tough times.

I understand its hard when your friend is being abuse if to you its never easy to feel you have someone who can support you.

Depression and anxiety are quite challenging and tricky things to live with. Have any you been able to reach out for any support for this? There are some mental health teams in most areas.

Would you ever feel that you could talk to your boyfriend about anything? If you have anytime during the night we do run some support chats and support circles between 8pm-9:30pm if you want to come through to them http://www.themix.org.uk/get-support/group-chat(bit more information about the chats)

Speak soon


4. @Azziman 's post in 'Anyone?'
Hi AngellsMe21,

Sorry to hear how you're feeling. We're here for you if you need someone to talk to!x

Look after yourself - hope things get better soon!x

Much love <3

Make sure to vote on your post of the month winner and keep an eye out for posts to nominate for this month! You can nominate a post by reporting it and putting 'POTM' as the reason!

All the best,

- Aife & Mike

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